August 2, 2009

Coming to an end...the giveaway that is xD

Just 1 more week till the Giveaway ends!!! DUN DUN DUN!On that note... Those of you who have recently followed and want to enter the giveaway, PLEASE COMMENT THE GIVE AWAY JOURNAL ENTRY to enter and get that 1pt.

So next Sunday, the give away ends ^__^ noon, to be exact, California time. So everyone has 7days left xD yay! I'll be drawing out of a hat or a Hello Kitty pail, we'll see ^_^ Here's how it will go:

1st Winning Draw, gets to pick first, whatever prize they want, ONLY ONE, between Prizes A,B,C.

2nd draw, gets to pick second after 1st winner picks.

3rd draw, gets whatever prize is left xD

Got it memorized? Good ^___^ Thank you again for everyone who has entered!