December 3, 2009

Love Like Winter

o^__^o yay!!! It's December! I love the Christmas Holidays! I just enjoy being able to shop for others (especially now since I have some money from allowances and side job, and I have a car to get around. Omg, when I was younger I couldn't get nice gifts for my friends because my mom did all the shopping for me and it kinda sucked xD ). I already finished for my secret santa person and my bf (waiting for that to come in the mail :[ so utterly disturbing from Ebay). Now I just need my parents and cousin n___n

As a holiday special before I close down the shops for vacation (Dec 12th) I have a BUY ONE GET ONE HALF OFF deal!!! Etsy and MySpace shop! Just purchase like normal, and after payment clears, I'll refund the half price of the lesser or equal value of the item. Shipping, boxes, and customs are excluded. All items are one in stock.

Lookie at this custom that I made ^.^ teehee! It's a MyPinkTouchy case! Someone really loved the way I made the iTouch's Pink Sugar Attack case and asked for a custom ^___^ SWEET! I'm thinking I should allow decoden customs :] So go ahead! I'm not the best though, lol. I'm currently deco'ing some more stuff. Right now it's hush hush, but it'll be on sale after Xmas!