December 17, 2009


I haven't blogged in awhile! Well, Finals are over! Sadly, I didn't make it into the LVN program because I didn't feel enthusiastic after one of my friend kinda abandon me and around that time one of my uncle passed away T~T so yea, lots of emotions floated around my mind and I lost energy. I was like Acing everything in the beginning, until my friend dropped a bombshell on me. Okies! Enuff of that!

Sooo...I'm pretty busy after the finals...I had to wrap my mommy's presents that she bought for people, 62 of them!!! Eep! I have yet to wrap mines ^_^; And, I have lots of charm customs to do and one decoden project ^___^ yep! omg, and also prepare for my birthday O____O

I'm making some changes xD I've already added little notes on the main shop on MySpace like what the items are and what not on their albums ^__^ On Etsy, I updated my policies O.O yea...better read that! Annnnd I has a new banner and avatar. Now, lookie what I made last week :D

There will be more cuppycake necklaces coming out next year ;]

December 3, 2009

Love Like Winter

o^__^o yay!!! It's December! I love the Christmas Holidays! I just enjoy being able to shop for others (especially now since I have some money from allowances and side job, and I have a car to get around. Omg, when I was younger I couldn't get nice gifts for my friends because my mom did all the shopping for me and it kinda sucked xD ). I already finished for my secret santa person and my bf (waiting for that to come in the mail :[ so utterly disturbing from Ebay). Now I just need my parents and cousin n___n

As a holiday special before I close down the shops for vacation (Dec 12th) I have a BUY ONE GET ONE HALF OFF deal!!! Etsy and MySpace shop! Just purchase like normal, and after payment clears, I'll refund the half price of the lesser or equal value of the item. Shipping, boxes, and customs are excluded. All items are one in stock.

Lookie at this custom that I made ^.^ teehee! It's a MyPinkTouchy case! Someone really loved the way I made the iTouch's Pink Sugar Attack case and asked for a custom ^___^ SWEET! I'm thinking I should allow decoden customs :] So go ahead! I'm not the best though, lol. I'm currently deco'ing some more stuff. Right now it's hush hush, but it'll be on sale after Xmas!

November 27, 2009

Black Friday to Cyber Monday on Etsy!!!

The time has come...


Each additional item is 25cents for shipping :] not too bad.

Items range from $3.50-$12.00 ^___^!

Help me clear out some inventory and fill your stockings! :D

November 24, 2009


Hey my sweeteas! I got a SUPER DUPER SPECIAL SALE for my hunnie buns on MySpace! NOW till Thursday morning (my time, California), 30% off your total purchase! That's right...30% off your total purchase. Here's the thing! Most items, haha, let me reprise ALL items have only 1 on stock! So browse through the albums, see an item you like, comment in caps "MINE" so no one else claims it! After you're done browsing and claiming, send a message of your order(s) (brief description or diff title is fine. I'll get it ;] ). Be aware that this excludes any RSVPs (look out for those! they're in bold lettering) and commission requests. **You must send your order messages before Thursday morning at 8am (Pacific USA time!) and prepared to pay. I will send paypal invoices that day too ^_^ **Okie! From this long boring paragraph, I'll list the steps!

30% OFF total purchase MADNESS SALE (for MySpace only)
1. Browse through the albums and see what you like.
2. Like something? Be sure it has no bolded RSVP and no one commented "MINE".
3. If no one claimed or it's not RSVP, then comment "MINE" on the picture(s).
4. When finished browsing and claiming, send a message of the items you order. If you don't remember the title, just describe it. I will be looking at the photos commented.
5. I will send you a pre-invoice of your order as a reply from your message.
6. After confirmed, I send you an invoice through paypal. If you're local, let me know if you want to pay by cash or paypal in the message.
7. Paid, and we're done and I package and ship (will ship orders on next Wednesday).

If you'd like gift wrapping, include in message. It is free for these two days ^__^

Oh, as for commissions for charms, be aware they are due by NOV 30TH. :D


If you don't have MySpace or like Etsy better, don't worry. I'll be having something special there too soon. I'm just giving my fans on MySpace a start for their Black Friday special :]

November 22, 2009

Wowwie! only 30ish days more!

Wow! Only 30ish more days till Christmas left! Eeeperz!!! And like, less then 10 days to get your commissions of cellphone/charm charms in! That's right! Yay! I got one big commishy the other day from Germany ^_^ which...I must start working on ^_^; teeheehee! And I got a phone to deco :] woohoo!

I'm very happy that I sold my iphone case that I deco (you know, the one that's all pink and bunnies). With that monies made, I was able to buy my Secret Santa it's gift :] We make a list of what we want btw on an index card with our names and draw outta a hat ^_^ So yea ^_^ I hope to keep getting sales cause I got my bf to buy for online, and the Secret Dollie part of the Etsy Tea Party Team to do ^_^ I plan to give my Secret Dollie a special deco'ed box to put her stuff in and buy her something cute and useful =] Buying things for people with money I made from doing what I do makes it feel more special. It's like I worked hard for it. I created something for someone to make them smile, they pay me and I use it to buy another someone special something. I just love it. It's like a never ending chain of making people smile. It's not the same effect if I use my allowance money, haha.

I made a new Cuppy Cake Necklace :] Another teaser for next year! haha. It's Keroppi stuck in a cupcake filled with whipped cream and treats! I hope the price is good ^_^;

November 18, 2009

My 1st Time leaving a Neggy Feedback!

Chibi sad fo 3 dayz now.
Coz buyer bought Chibi's items and not pay ne!
Chibi sent email and convo everydai and nu reply ;~;
Dis made Chibi berry sad and worried.
Chibi feel gewd she left neggy feedback todai ^_^
Chibi now happi coz she speaking to Ann, her lovely big sissy =^3^= mwuah!

Okie enuff of that xD that's just a lil inside joke between me and DestinationDesign/Ann, lol. So, to translate this, I actually had a non-payer. Worse, it was a non-communicator aswell T~T I reaaaally would of appreciated it if the person convo'ed me or replied to my emails saying,"Hey, cancel these things. I don't want them anymore" or "I'll pay it in 6 months" something like that xD But no. It didn't respond at all. It's so weird because I posted my main policy in my shop announcement, and before checkout a message to buyers :[ It's like what the effin way? I looked at it's feedbacks and it goes up and down =/ And some of the items bought were paid the same day e___e I was so sad when it didn't pay the first day cause I felt I was being teased in a way. I wish it had convo me that it cannot pay right now but really wants it. I'm not that anal T~T I honestly would hold an item a month or more if I had to as long as the person keeps in touch with me. All I ask is for communication. Anyways, I'm happy now that it's out of the way and it's not the worst ever to happen to someone. I have heard others. But, I never knew I would actually have no mercy to actually leave a negative feedback, but hey, communication is #1 to me as a seller to a buyer relationship. I'm pretty sure others agree, even if they're policies are strict like mines. But yea...I'm happy now...craving some blue berry muffins.

Sooo, 5 more sales and I can do the 1st ever Love Game Raffle!!! woohoo! 60 baybeh! 60 sales! And this one will have all those 60 chances entered since it is the first game :] woohoo! I also have to start scanning the gift wrap for xmas theme xD woopsie doodles! I'll get on it in a bit! ^__^

November 14, 2009

Updates and a Love Game?

Okie dokie! Let's do the updates of the boring stuff first xD haha. Sooo, here's the dates again!
November 30th is the last day for any charm/cellphone/figureenie customs! I'll be working on those last minute order the week after that. Also after that day, I won't be shipping out of U.S. Why? Cause I don't want you mad at me that the item didn't come for xmas ;___; So if you're outta state, get shopping done! Especially now cause a lot of my stuff is starting to go away e___e; like slowly...and then there's also my other shop that can take the items on Etsy too, and there's also my local fans xD
December 12th, MY SHOP IS CLOSED. Etsy and Official/MySpace shop.
Dec 26th-Jan 2nd(TBA), Shop will open again where you can splurge if you like :]

Okie, now some fun updates...I has new Christmas items ^___^ I made a charm set again! For xmas now :] woohoo!!! And a few cellphone charms ;] If I ran out before November 30th, you may ask for a custom. I don't mind. Even if you want a penguin a different color ^____^

Now the fun fun update of them all! So today I went to Michael's and bought these Pink Bubble Wands ^_^ I was planning to buy them for my Birthday Tea Party as favors :] The thing is, there's too many of them! Haha, I have small parties that consists of 10-16peoples, and there was 36 wands O_O I thought and thought, and then came up with an idea. Why not have some fun and do a love game! I learned it's kinda hard to sell on Etsy, and I value all my customers who have chose to shop at my shop ;___; they're so awesome! Soooo! I decided to do raffles :D yeah yeah! After 10 items have been sold, boom, a raffle towards those 10 entries! So every listing you buy gives you a chance into the raffle. I'm going to change the prizes of course from every round. This first round will be everybody who has shopped before. Yea, since day 1 that I started! So when that 60th sale happens, RAFFLE TIME!!! So my task now is to find a good random chooser thingy ma-bobber. Anyone recommend one? Oh! The prize! duh! Haha! Of course, a Pink Heart Bubble Wand (you'll probably see this for awhile, lol), 8 different Hello Kitty memo sheets (STRAIGHT FROM JAPAN! My mommy's friend came over to visit and gave me a lot!), one custom tart ring, and a mystery coupon! I hope that sounds good! It's just a little way to show I appreciate my customers :] asides from the tiny freebies I give, lol. This is just for fun, no fighting! I think 6 more sales to go and we can start the raffle! yay!

November 8, 2009

Actually Deco'd a Diff Phone!

So I've only decoden my own cellphone, the shell (it's a sidekick08), but the other day I remembered I bought an iPhone case ^__^ It was plain baby pink! Still pretty cute by itself, but I bought it to decoden it ;] I didn't heavily deco it since the pink case is pretty cute, and decoden does weigh the object down a bit, eheheh... ^_^; cause I know my phone was light and when I decoden it, it like gained 3lbs xD! You get used to it being a bit heavy. Oh, and this case actually had 2 holes where you can actually put a cellphone strap through, woohoo!!! I remember my friend has an iPhone and I gave her a paopu, she had to stick it where the pen was x_X;;; I added a little pink bow with this one ^_^!Here's the 3G iPhone case all deco'd ^_^ I call it Pink Sugar Attack!

I titled it "Pink Sugar Attack" cause I randomly added a bunny at the back, and the phone being mostly of pink, reminded me of my favorite Sailor Moon character, and also it's part of a story behind my nickname ^_^ One of my favorite Sailor Moon Character is Sailor Mini Moon! Lol, and my old screen name for AOL when I started interneting was Chibiusa1888 haha. Anyways, she had this attack called Pink Sugar Heart Attack ^_^ And, the character is just full of pink! Her hair is pink, outfit is pink, and she likes bunnies ^_^ hence her hair being rolled up like bunny ears ^.^ Oh yea, besides her, my other fave is Sailor Venus ;D But, my nickname now isn't referred to her too much. It's just the fact my boyfriend sees me as small and precious to him, so he calls me Chibi Hime or just Princess...or just Chibi @_@

oh yea! Lol, HOLIDAY SPECIAL!!! Total purchases over $20 (excludes shipping) receives FREE SHIPPING, and FREE GIFT WRAPPING! which reminds me...Wednesday I need to ask my bf to take down the xmas gift wrapping so I can trim some and put them up =] Since that's the deal, the iPhone case is already a free shipping ^_^ Let's see those importante dates again!

-Requests for custom cellphone charms or figures due before Nov 30th!
-Store will be only opened for US customers only after Nov 30th to Dec 12th!
-Store closes Dec 12th and will re-open Dec 28th!

October 30, 2009

October 29, 2009

1st Comic of The Imperfect Halloweenies

My boyfriend draws comics, and I made the storyboard of this project ^_^ It's totally out of his style, but he managed to try it and was good at it :D Enjoy~!

New Rings

w00t w00t! Made new rings!!! ^.^ yay!!! Lookie:

October 24, 2009

Featured Seller Show- LaceyBabyDoll

*theme song plays as she walks onto the stage* Hello everybody!!! We have a special guest today! She's one of the sweetest and cutest dollies out there!!! Amber from! I noticed her when she hearted my shop on Etsy when I started selling on there. I clicked her icon and it lead me to such a beautiful shop! Light pink, gold accents, and cute flooded through my mind when I saw her shop. And I was like,"SHE HEARTED MY SHOP?!HER SHOP IS SOOO GORGEOUS AND CUTE!" and believe me, I react like this when I see someone else's shop to be more superior than mines. It's also an honor. Anyways, I have window shopped at her shop. I can't wait till after xmas when I can splurge like crazy, and her shop will be where I splurge first ^_^ teehee. Couple months later I realized she had a link to an Etsy Tea Party Team and that others can join. I contemplated whether I should since I'm already busy with school. But, I decided to join and we've been talking a lot ^__^ Wow, she's super sweet! Just like a doll indeed! Her shop is so adorable and I definitely love the theme of it! I was fortunate enough to get an interview with her...let's have a replay of that interview! *points at the big giant TV screen behind her*

Me:Introduce yourself:
Amber:My name is Amber and I am the girl behind Laceybabydoll on Etsy. I was born November 30th, 1987 in a small town in Pennsylvania.

Me:What do you sell in your shop(s)?
Amber:Mostly I sell jewelry and accessories. Occasionally I sell clothes. I'd love to someday sell more clothes but unfortunately at the moment I don't have enough time to make many.

Me:Where do you get your ideas and inspirations from?
Amber:Mainly from fairytales or from things I love from my childhood. I also adore sweet lolita fashions because they are so girly and feature many of my favorite things.

Me:Besides crafting, what else do you enjoy doing?
Amber:I love to go shopping! Whether it be at malls, online or just thrift shopping. I enjoy spending time with loved ones, going for walks--especially in the Fall since it's my favorite season--and collecting vintage charms.

Me:Is there any advice you can give to newbies who are selling handmade stuff online?
Amber:Just to follow their dreams and never give up on something that they truely love doing!

Me:In your opinion, is it competitive selling such adorable items for fellow kawaii/cute lovers???
Amber:It can be competitive! Especially since there are a lot of cute items on Etsy for Kawaii lovers. However, I try to keep my items as creative and unique as possible because of this!

Me:How do you promote yourself?
Amber:I don't really do much to promote myself. I do have a YouTube account where I post videos of my items--and sometimes sales. I let friends and family know about my shop though as often as possible.

Me:Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
Amber:Hopefully still doing what I love to do--creating! I would love to own my own shop someday, so hopefully that dream will come true! It would be really nice to have a family of my own by then as well! I hope I'll have a floppy eared bunny by then too!

Me:What cartoon character do you like and why?
Amber:I love Hello Kitty because she's always so adoreable! I have had quite the obsession with her since I was around five or six years old! I also recently started to really like Minnie Mouse because she's so girly!

Me:Thankies Amber for the awesome interview ^___^!

*faces back to the audience* And there you have it! The lovely dolly of all dolls Amber! ^__^ I just adore her shop so muchy! Etsy should make a wish list thingy where others can buy gifts for you xD Do they have that? o_O; *looks at camera girl* Do they? *turns back to audience* ANYWAYS! HAHAHAHA ^.^; If you like girly stuff or doll-like stuff, I recommend this shop! It's all cute! Her items are very very unique ^_^ love it! Till next time...GOODNIGHT EVERYBODY!!!*ending theme song*

October 22, 2009

Customable Sweet Tart Ring

So I came up with an idea with the idea to use tarts as like a serving cup for dollop whip cream thingies ^_^ I like messing around with the whip on objects :] I do miss real baking xD heehee. Anywho, so I decided to make dollop rings, except they're on tarts. I also let my customers decide 1-3 toppings of their choice from the provided menu. So, I'm like a small PinkBerry or Yogurt place and you pick the toppings and I swirl it and put the toppings =^_^= here's some pics!!!

They're $5.25 each ^_^

Oooh, and I sold my 2nd Edition Cupcake Necklace in a day or two! It was so exciting! Cause it looked like a disaster to me T___T It was uber pink~!

October 17, 2009

Let's help out!

I'm helping out in the Madison Anderson Benefit Sale. My friend is a good friend of Madison's mom. Madison is a precious 7 month old little girl who has been diagnosed with a life threatening infection of the bloodstream known as Meningococcemia. She will require a prolonged hospital stay of anywhere from 4 months to a whole year. I will be donating a $1.00 for each item that is sold starting 10/17/09. Your sale will help the family with the expenses related to Madison's medical condition. Thank you so muchy in advance~!

Also...I'll be ending that $1.00 off SALE later tonight ;] Get crackka lackin!

October 11, 2009


on selected items. On Etsy it will have a "SALE" in front of the item's name, and on MySpace a "*" sign. When I re-open my shop after vacation, I won't do monthly promos xD maybe small ones here and there since I can't make up my mind! ah!!! I need to start emptying out my Imperfect Kawaii storage for new stuff that I'm making. I am currently making some more charms, secret secret, of what they are....and yea, need room x]

Last week I finally got up a Facebook for the shop, yay! I'm treating it more of a fanpage than a shop. I already have MySpace, locals, and Etsy on my hands.

As for school life, I am currently one of the top students in the class, just that one class...who knows about the other classes. Heehee, but thankfully the teacher said pts will change since some people have weakneses in speech ^_^! YES! Sad...I know. I wish to make friends, but it's uber competitive =[

Socially, I see my friends time to time, maybe every other week. It seems like it, lol. I see my boyfriend like half a day and hopefully fridays. X_X I wish the economy was better so he can get a job easily. :D I love him so muchy! He's super supportive and believes I'll make it into LVN! Pray to GOD I do ;__;

Okie! So...if you like Hello Kitty and you remember my earrings, they're a Dollar Off!!! but till how long...? puwahahaha! I dunno o_O

September 30, 2009

Mz. Leakhena's Giveaway

I'd like to present my other big, sophisticated elegant cute, sister shop Leakhena! She's a powerful seller on Etsy and she's doing her FIRST GIVEAWAY in celebration of 300 sells! Yay! Her giveaway theme is of Hello Kitty ^___^ Here's the linkage to her blogger and to enter for a chance to win one of these cool prizes:

Enjoy the music aswell ^___^


Busy week this week! eeperz!

Oh dear, I have so much to do this week!!! I'm studying so much to make up those days. I have some rings to show and sell, but those will have to wait till next week, because this week is my boyfriend's birthday!!! yay!!! Wednesday we're going to the L.A. County Fair o^__^o he's going to get me that gigantic gelato that I looooove so much! heehee. I'm uber excited for that! Admission and Unlimited Rides= $20, not bad compared to paying for each ride T~T Then Thursday (day of his bday), we're going to Disneyland!!! His parents are so sweet! They paid for my ticket...ah I must buy his daddy a delicious mocha cake for his bday fersure! Friday I have to deliver locally to Teddysaur =] buuut...I can't be there for a long time due to the fact I gotta study A's conversion of the metric system and that's my I must spend time on that. Then Saturday, I'm taking my hunnie out to lunch or dinner at Claim Jumper! =^.^=

-Shop News-

Since Monday or Sunday I offered the $1US/$2Int. Shipping Promotion in celebration of my boyfriend's birthday ^___^ Offer ends Oct 2nd! Which is this Friday O.O oh boy! I've also sold out of the Hello Kitty and Keroppi cupcake bottoms x]

For my Etsy shop, I will be using the money I make from there to save up for my dad's side of the family. The part of Phillippines that they live in got hit by the typhoon pretty badly. The flood took up a lot of the houses there and a lot of people died =[ I seriously have no idea if they're alright. We tried calling, but the lines are cut off. So I'm praying and hoping they're alright and safe in one of those retreat places or something. Once I know fersure they're okay, I'm going to give my sales money to them to help them get a start again with their life after the damages. I appreciate those who purchase from the shop, and or just pray. I know it's selfish to ask to pray for them, but yeaaa...I need hope xD I get happy and sad on and off. So thankies in advance for helping me gain some sales to make room for next year's stuff and save money up for them, and prayers!

September 28, 2009

Ondoy Flood/ Rocktober Special

Sooo this weekend was fun, but also heart breaking last night. I found out from my parents that Phillippines had a huge typhoon and it hit Manila and some other places. My family [both sides of family] were affected by it drastically, especially my daddy's side. I know my mommy's side of the family is alright because she called them and some were able to answer. My dad's side however, it was hard to get into contact. One of my cousin called my house, but the line dropped =[ I'm praying that everyone in the Phillippines are alright, but wow, there's so many damages.

As a special, I'm starting Rocktober Special earlier due to this issue. My daddy's side of the family live in the slummy parts of town and rarely have monies. So as for today and till whenever they're okay, I'm giving the money I make from sells on Etsy to my family over seas since they need it the most. I've decided for purchases over $10.00, I'd give a cell phone charm, memo papers, kawaii pencils, erasers, coupons, whatever I got of those things along with the small freebies as a thankies for the support! It's a really hard time for them and it's been hard for me to really sleep =[ so hopefully they are alright and that whatever money I can make can contribute to helping them. Also, it'll help clear my shop before going away.

Also, paopus shall be ready by Wednesday to deliver!

September 25, 2009

Featured Seller Show- Hugswithkisses

*Comes onto the stage and waves to the audience as the theme song plays* We have a special guest today!!! She's been my friend forever! Lol, well like since 7th grade ^_^ She has introduced me to Etsy and showed me how selling goes. And wow, I sure am addicted to Etsy *lots of hands clapping and wooohoos* ^_^ yes yes! I've knew her for so long and found out she is quite the talented crafter. After high school she moved :[ yea, sad sad SAD! But I'm so happy she pulled her life together and has a wonderful hubby, and recently A BABY!!! yay! ^.^ He's such a cutie. She works uber hard for her family ^___^ Let's give it up for Chimica!!! *theme song plays*

Me: Hey there giiiirl! Welcome to the interview! Let's begin, shall we? Please, introduce yourself to us! ^.^
Chimica: My name is Chimica.. I'm 21. I'm a mom, I'm a pro webmaster with 17 websites and I'm a cook book writer. I love crafter. Normally I craft digitally because my son is so young and loves to tear paper and get into everything.

Me: Lol! What do you sell in your shop? =]
Chimica: In my main shop I sale greeting cards, recipes and printables.... I like selling these items because they don't cost way to much to make which mean I can give my buyers some great prices.

Me:Where do you get your ideas and inspirations from?
Chimica: I get my ideas from digital scrapbookers. Since I have a baby I scrapbook a bunch. I also get ideas because they help me so I think they may help other people also.

Me: Besides crafting, what else do you enjoy doing?
Chimica: I really enjoy cooking. It relaxes me a bunch and I can write recipes all day if I had the time. I also enjoy writing poetry and of course playing with my baby.

Me: What advice can you give to newbie sellers selling handmade stuff over the web?
Chimica: My biggest tip for new sellers is to stay positive. Even I at times get depressed with lack of sales. Always keep your head up.

Me: In your opinion, is it competitive to sell greeting, holiday, etc cards?
Chimica: OH MY GOSH.. It is very hard to sale anything really because almost all things you sale someone is selling the same thing. It can be very stressful when other people are selling their cards for $.75.

Me: How do you promote yourself?
Chimica: I place links of sites that reach my target market and I chat in different forums. It takes a bunch of time. I also market on sites that sale handmade products.

Me: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
Chimica: Having a 10 year old baby.. and with my PHD in optomatry.. I also see myself with many sucessful websites. I honestly don't know if my cards will still be selling after 10 years. Things may become harder with people selling their items for much less or it may become better.. only time will tell.

Me: Who is your favorite cartoon character and why?
Chimica: FUNNY QUESTION! Everyday my son and I watch SCOOBY DOO. I love love love that show. However I also love winnie the pooh but it comes on at like 5am so we can't watch it.. I do have like all the movies though.. GOTTA LOVE A CUTE BEAR THAT LOVES HUNNY LIKE THAT YOU KNOW..

Me:Annnnd that's all we have for our show today! Thankies Chimica for the awesome interview! And hope you swing by town soon when I'm not busy with stupid school! ^__^ Goodnight everybody!!!

September 21, 2009

Destination Design's 100th Sale Giveaway~!

I'm proud to present my sister shop's giveaway! Destination Design ^___^ She made 100+ sales! yay! Also, she saved up all her sales money for her daughter's 1st Birthday! Now for us supporting her, she's made this awesome giveaway featuring her specialty items! All her creations are 100% Amazing! Just visit her bloggy and follow the rules and goodluck!

September 17, 2009

Everything is fine and dandy ^__^

yay! I'm pretty happy in work and school ^_^ First school, haha. I'm doing so well! I'm actually getting A's on my test! Lol, I only had A's in Sociology throughout my whole college life xD In Highschool I got A's, but wow, this class I'm actually doing well. I hope I never loose focus :] I also pray to GOD to keep me strong in my studies because I wanna be top 40, and I will get there! Even though this is an entirely different path I decided to go through to get to RN, I think it was meant for me to suck in my first 2yrs of college...cause I wasn't studying well or even put time and effort to my studies, and I was pretty depressed half the time cause of my mommy's nagging. But, ever since I joined this pre-LVN class, I've been pretty happy and more determined. Heck, it is a lot of studying, but I'm not stressing out. It's so awesome to listen to my heart.

Now the Imperfect Kawaii shops xD I like where it's at. It's not like a big brand name or anything, but I just enjoy the pace. I can take my time to do commishes and work on other creations to sell later. I'm happy to get an average of like 10 sales a month than like 1 or none xD And it's good money to just shop online, pay little bills, and sometimes transfer to my bank money to save up. Since I'm not horde on with a kazillion orders, it also allowed me to study better and schedule my time between work, school, and play. I like my shop slow paced since it's not my main source of money. I get allowance from daddy for just being "cute" xD haha, and the shops' sells are like pocket money for online purchases. Ooh, I've been doing deco-hime stuff for other stuff than my own stuff xD I shall post them in the shop next year :] I want to show them in like a Winter Line thingy like some brand clothes and bras do.

Hmm, oh~! And a sucky note now xD My printer refuses to print unless I have black ink! O___O Sooo...I have to ship items like every other week when I have hard cash in my hands. I think I'll be able to get ink next month fersure! Now here's some charms I made this week and nails:

September 12, 2009

This is Halloween! This is Halloween!

Tender dumpings everywhere, something something scare...this is Halloween! Okie, so I dunno the words to the song, but omg, my boyfriend knows the songs from Nightmare Before Christma too well xD He sings along throughout the movie ^_^; ehehehe...

I made some Halloween theme charms ^.^ hooray! This is the first time I made Halloween charms :D Since I'm sooooo busy with studying, I only made one of each thing O_O! Thus I say they're Special Edition and Limited Edition. I hope everyone likes their looks xD I even wrote a little background story for each item ^_^;


James the Candy Corn Cutie->He was always outcasted by the other candy corns in the bag since he was off color and disfigured body. He's still a sweetheart to everyone around him no matter how much they may tease him.

Sugar the Black Cat->She just loooooves being on the roof tops and just taking naps. Lots of people try to whack her away from their house due to the myth of black cats, but all she wants to do is nap on their roof tops.

Mini Batty Bat Bat Bat->The littlest member of the Bat Charm family. He is just nicknamed "Mini" and loves flying off into the night and loves to help his friends.

Spookay the Ghost->He's such a friendly ghost! Humans have always fascinated him for years that he wants to become friends with any human being he see's. The problem is, when he tries to befriend them, they run off in fear.

Kurt the Pumpkin->Never looses hope that he'll one day be picked out from the pumpkin patch regardless of his little size and his weird shape.

Together they make a perfect group known as Imperfect Halloweenies. They stick together and want to make the most of Halloween when it arrives ^_^

September 1, 2009


I've decided to make a special special every month, nothing TOO big unless it's a very special ocassion ^__^ This month's special is BUY 3 AND GET FREE SHIPPING! at any IK store [etsy or myspace]. I've also added some new earrings to my shops ^__^ yay! They're Hello Kitty B Graded, totally imperfect but...cute xD haha. And then there's the awesome Keroppi!

I'd also like to mention that I plan to go on vacation inactive mode in December due to finals [it's all or nothing!]. I shall re-open the shops after New Years and explode with different items~! yay! So far on my list while in school, I have several charms to release!

As for school so far, only 40 of us out of 200 will be chosen to be in the LVN program. It's for those who score really high in the class. Oooh, pray I get in T__T I have to be working my big booty off this time since I kinda slack for pre-reqs for RN, but hey, this is truly a good idea to get into this pre-req for LVN, cause now I'll be more focus fersure and serious about my school. Most of all, I'm doing it for myself instead of my mommy. So this is what my typical days would look like:

Monday- school, study
Tues- study, 1-2hr of charm stuff, study, maybe get ice cream?
Wed- school, homework, sleeeeep unless bf comes xD
Thur-study, 1-2hr of work, study, stuff, study
Fri-study, 1-2hr of work, study, and bf day!
Sat-study, 1-2hr of work, study, and if anything planned with friends or whatever.
Sun-study, study, study, and bf comes :D

Sooo yea...that's my life...mostly studying everyday, probably wednesday I'd study lightly and then relax. So yea, I'll still be doing my shop stuff, but not too much like usual in the summer. During winter break I'll be working on a lot on charms cause it will be 1yr for Imperfect Kawaii and gotta get back to what I sold before ^___^!

Ciao ciao<3

August 30, 2009

My 1st Featured Seller of Etsy...

Destination Design! She's not the first person I bought from xD but she was the first person I met in an Etsy chatroom and just talked as if we knew each other in real life. She's such a kind person and I look up to her ^_^ I met her when I was starting to sale on Etsy, and just being a friend was a great experience! Lol, I spent most my summer days on Etsy [I have a life outside too!!! this is just waiting for friends to get ready]. She is also a clay user :D And I look up to all those who use clay! Her stuff is so adorable T~T She's always there for me too when I need tips on selling and just talking to her made me feel relax all summer ^__^

The first thing I bought from her were these PIGGIES for a friend's birthday:

I was excited waiting for the mail, but kinda bummed I didn't get something for myself xD One day I was so surprise to see a package for ME with colorful dots on them O_O I was like WOOOOOOW! *insert my jaw dropping face here* well, I smiled mostly xD heehee. I opened the package up and got a sweet freebie ^__^ yay!!! something for myself! Lol, for some odd reason the piggies weren't in there, but Destination Design solved it! :D yay!!! She made fresh piggies for me and shipped it to make it to my friend's bday e___e I felt very special, and even more so that she gave me a ring! I wear it a lot and think of her and the Etsy times during my summer break. I also just had to come back and get these Hello Kitty bows xD!

I enjoy window shopping at her shop, and eyeing stuff I wanna buy when I'm done stocking up my own stuff to make. She's so kind and creative with cuteness! Her shop is the perfect place to shop at for any occassions! You'll get that giddy effect like I did when I recieve a package from her :] And when you see or meet her at an Etsy chat, she's one of the most friendliest person you'll ever meet! She's still young but I know she'll be really successful and continue to make Hello Kitty and kawaii-goodness proud!

I'm a very very satisfied customer and had a wonderful experience! Seeing her items and owning a few, I can tell she has put a lot of love and time into them. Yea, it's cute by itself, but just how she vamps items up or create them out of stuff, I feel much love from her. I treasure my ring a lot because not only she is my friend, but I know she puts a lot of time to her items and loves doing what she does. :D Get to know her!



I loooooove Destination Design =^___^=