June 13, 2010

Donations towards our new home

♡Wowwie! Sorry we haven't been updating our blogspot ^__^;;; We've been focusing on DeviantArt for some reason. It keeps on switching! Haha. We still love our Blogspot of course :] Do you still love us?

♡Some of you may know that we have an official webstore besides Etsy. This store is on MySpace, heehee. We have decided that it may be best that we venture away from the MySpace world and actually create our own world for our little creations and for all our customers and viewers to go to without feeling any obligations to sign up with MySpace or Etsy. Paypal is a must though, heehee ^_^ So, we've decided that we shall soon open up our own official webstore without using a social network. We will still use Etsy though :D We love Etsy!

♡Spazzy and I (Chibi) are both college students. As much as we enjoy crafting and making comics, we're very busy with school and finding a job ( don't get us wrong, we love our IK job but we have big plans in the future ;] ). So we decided to ask for donations towards our fans =^_^= Any donation amount is fine! But we've decided to do a little something for people who donate more than enough!

♡♡♡For every $5 you donate, you get a free cell phone or figure charm commission (size of about a penny to quarter)! Please do refer back to our DA portfolio http://imperfectkawaii.deviantart.com for what we can do for you! In a message on paypal at donation or email us, please let us know what you'd like me to make for you ^_^ any color, animal, thing, kawaii faced! I just ask no copyrighted stuff or buggies ^.^; Working time is about 3-7 days and we'll let update you on how your charm is doing and when shipped :] If you live locally and don't have paypal, when I see you is fine ^_^ We're only doing this till we have enough to get our new home (which is like $60)! Donate as much as you want, even a penny! Click the donate button under our little letter ^.^!♡♡♡