February 24, 2010

Uber Shimmery Hello Cherry Ring!!!

I love this riiiing!!! It's so sparkly and glittery ^__^The Hello Kitty head is pretty big too! So get your ring today! They come in other colors too so you can get your most fave color, or collect them all to match with all your outfits ^___^ teehee.

Other than that news, my friend told me I should join Live Journal again, but no worries, it'll be the same kinda info from Blogspot, so all you blogspotters won't miss a thing ^.^! I promise! Another news...it's almost going to be 1 year since I started Imperfect Kawaii! ^__^ hooray! I thank my friends for being so supported and telling me to keep making charms. I'm surprised I have stuck through this hobby all the way, but hey, I do love creating what I make and having people buy them or asking for customs, it makes me pretty happy too =] It keeps me going at this little hobby. As for the 1yr anny, I don't think I'll celebrate it TOO big...dunno yet what to do. I've been pretty busy with school, so I'm juggling it all out. I will do something, no worries! So stay tune ^___^

ONE MORE THING, lol. I'm almost at 100 sales at Etsy! I'm still thinking about what to give to Mister or Miss 100th customer on there :] Visit my shop on Etsy!!! www.princesschibi.etsy.com

Or, you can go to my official shop on MySpace.com/imperfect_kawaii, but there's no 100th thingy there :3 puwahaha. On MySpace I've sold over 200+ for local and just that shop.

Hope you all are snuggly warm! It's so cold now in Cali T_T