August 12, 2009

No more Paopus

Sorry folks! The last paopu set was SOLD! Hooray! Because it's my 1st sale of August, and wah, because that's the last paopus I'll have until January [unless someone BEGS me to make some more xD heehee]. Sorry to those who wanted paopus. If I have a big order of them, I'll make them earlier than winter. I plan to make paopus seasonal, as intended.

Soooo, I thought maybe making Royal Desserts FREE SHIPPING, isn't enough to celebrate my joyous 3years with my hunnie, well, I thought of making all my other items $1.00 shipping!!! holy cow!!! And for outside of U.S., $2.00 xD

ENJOY IT NOW FOR IT ENDS SEPT 3! A day after my anniversary =^__^=

2 1/2 months as a seller on Etsy

I love Etsy so much!!! It is such an addiction, ahhhh!!! ^_^ but now, I have to not chat it up so muchy soon as school will be on my butt all day. Bleeeeh. I wish my summer was longer x___x wah. Makes me want to stay at CSULA, but I'm done there. Welpz, plan on making more earrings soon and launch Royal Desserts II next year! yay!!! it will have pearls and rhinestones this time instead of glitter. Okie, I just spoiled it xD dang!

As for Etsy, sales are still the same way xD Get lots in beginning and ends of months. Another happy note, I GOT 100 HEARTS NOW!!! YAY!!! Well, more like 102, but still, yay! ^__^ and I feel I'm SLIGHTLY getting better at photos...slightly. When school starts, I won't be creating much new things. I'll still do custom charms of course, that is my job in the first place =]

:O oh yea, about my video, dun make fun of my voice >[! I was just born that way. Oh yea, and my Royal Desserts are FREE SHIPPING for now till Sept 3 ^__^ They need homes! I have only a few left and they were created like in April!

August 11, 2009

Swap Party

This isn't a very Etsy or seller related topic, but I thought I'd share it. I held a swap party last weekend with some chick friends ^__^ The goal was to clean out our rooms and bring any stuff that is in good condition and you didn't need. It could be clothes, accessories, whatever. So the girls came and we had some snacks. We piled all the stuff unto a table and just grabbed whatever we wanted =] It was neat! I got some cool earrings a friend didn't want, and I plan to wamp it up to sale. She knows my motives xD Atleast it's going to be put in good use! I also got these cute jumbo nerdy glasses and a Hello Kitty shirt! I think anyone who needs to get rid of stuff they don't need, a swap party is an awesome way to get rid of things! heehee, you give some, you get some ^__^

On another note, I'm sad my boyfriend is leaving me for Mexico for a family vacation xD I'm such a selfish girl! I haven't been not calling, txting, seeing him like crazy for the past week or two,lol. He leaves next Thursday. He sucks.

Better happy note, I made Hello Kitty earrings! I'll have more made during school time. But these are my only ones so far:

Rings Rings Rings =P

yay!!! So I finished my batch of rings, well it's not really a big batch x] just some rings. They look so cute [to me] that I ended up keeping one White Love Bear to myself xD Here are the new rings I have worked on:

I'll be posting them slowly on Etsy, but most are purchasable on my MySpace ^___^

August 10, 2009

Time to reveal the winners of the giveaway!!!

1st place: Destination Design!!!! woooohoo!!! btw,I'm wearing the ring I got from her :3


3rd: Mika

Thank you everyone for entering the giveaway! It was fun ^__^ Look out of this blog for another giveaway soon, and more items to come this week! yahoo!!!

Will the winners please be patient, for the 1st runner will pick a prize, then the 2nd will choose, then the 3rd gets whatevers left =] I will be informing each one of you. Thank you! And again, thank you everybody ^__^

P.S. Sorry my video is bad quality. Just wanted to show how raffled it was =P