June 27, 2009

My Hello Kitty Sidekick~!

I decorated my phone like around April ^_^ It took me 4 long hours =___= but it was worth it ^__^ heehee, I have too many Hello Kitty in my purse and in my room xD Too many but not enuff! lol. Sooo yea, this is the first thing I ever decoden. How I found out about decoden? Well, I ordered off of eBAY this Hello Kitty magazine because it had Tokidoki in it too xD When I got the magazine, I schemed through it and looked at all the piccys [it was in Japanese], and I stumbled upon this cell phone add of Chiara and saw that the girls were decorating their phone with pearls, rhine stones, Hello Kitty cabochons, etc. I was like woah! I must have this Chiara product! I looked in Sanrio stores and they only have like 5 pieces for $7.00...my bf said to find something else xD I went to this lil Jap store in the mall that's all about glam, and they had Chiara stuff...it was puuurdy pricey for only a lil bit. Then I went and researched about Decoden and found diff sellers and such ^___^ so yay! And I was happy to find out that you can even make your own decoden stuff with just clay. I've just ordered some deco goodies today :] can't wait to decorate another changable shell for my phone! woohoo!!!

June 25, 2009

1st Destash! w00t w00t!

Yay! Made my first couple sets of deco goodies! Well...just one kind xD heehee. I made little pink heart biscuits! I made a kazillion for myself and to sale.
They're $3.50 for a dozen :3 They come in etheir pink or light brown. I have posted up the pink ones on Etsy and will post brown maybe tomorrow or the day after xD yay!!!

I'm enjoying my summer break very much ^_^ I'm working on stuff and stocking up for my litto shop, and having fun~! Can't wait till July to have $$$ to buy more supplies [not a whole lot,lol bf will be mad sorta] and deco my phone again! Welpz, time to kick my bf's butt in Halo3, AGAIN! heehee, just like yesterday :3

Brag Book Give Away~!

My friend is having a Brag Book Giveaway at her blog in celebration of her son's 6 months ^___^ hooray!

Her bloggy and comment there to enter for a chance to win~!

June 22, 2009

Something new in le Etsy Shoppee

Sooo...I made a new category ^_^ It is called, "Weekly Special" where I list an item for a week or two and have something special about it like BOGOF, Free Shipping, lowered price, etc. Yay! Been 1 month of being a seller on Etsy and made 8 sales! It sounds a lot to others, so I believe I did well =] Can't wait till July...MAJOR SUPPLY SHOPPING! Will only spend about 40ish bucks ^__^; BF cannot be mad at me!

By July, I'll be working on hime goodies :D because I've always wanted to. I'll be making quite a number of things because school will be hectic again~! In celebration of being an Etsy seller for a month, I'm giving away a special secret item that I've made related to deco hime stuff! These items will be released mid-late July ^__^ hooray! So 1st Buyer of my 2nd month of selling, will recieve this free gift~! Excludes clearance and weekly special items.

I'm poop'd...mommy took me shopping today at Santa Anita mall :3 I MUST GO BACK THERE!!!AHHH!! I love love loooove shopping ^_^ Boyfriend is comming over later to help me package some teddy bear cabochon for the promo thingy.


June 21, 2009

1st Month of Etsyness

Tomorrow marks 1 month I've been selling on Etsy o^____^o hooray! I have made 8 sales this whole month. Some people say that's good ^_^ Etsy has been very kind to me =] The people there are soo soo sooooo sweet! It is very competitive on that site, but everyone is so friendly towards each other and supportive =^_^= It kinda reminds me of nursing majors...we all stick together even though we're really in competition to get into the program xD The awesome part is my eyes opened up to other crafty goodies like making candles [there's so many cool ones! omg! it's better than the ones at Bed Bath Beyond], fabrics, more crochet stuff, yummy baked goodies, sock plushies that are in Japan trend now, wood work, more jewelry, and like...A LOT! I've also managed to meet the charm makers I have looked up to several months ago. I've met a lot of nice people in the chatrooms ^_^ haha, I usually dun go into chatrooms, but these people keep me comming back! I love it ^_^ I hope next month and the following months stay the same =] lol, I haven't stayed on MySpace too long ever since I got into Etsy xD

I like how going into the chatrooms and getting critique, will better my store. So yea, my piccys suck butt xD My usual area where I took photos [there's diff between the earlier ones and the pink background ones] is that I take good pics at a certain area at my house with good lighting...unfortunately, that part of the house' electricity is off O_O and we have yet to fix it! ahhhh!!! Hmm hmm..oh yea! Someone is promoting me at craft fairs ^___^ yay!

Yesterday there was a Stock Up Clearance Sale at Michael's :D I couldn't resist! I bought a lot of polymer clay to stock up! It was 4 for $5!!! Those things are usually 1.99, but they were 1.25 each if you're buying 4 ^__^ I felt it was the smartest thing ever of what I did! heehee. I have so much clay...I bought 8 cause I make small stuff so it's enuff to last till Christmas o.o MAN! If I didn't think of exchanging those clasp ring thingy for another size, I wouldn't have known there was an awesome sale!!! So yea...I'm stocking up on various charm items because when school starts, I won't be able to make a lot, but if it is a commission, I can, but hopefully it's only 1 item xD har har...Also, next month I'll be doing a lot of decoden cause I want to style my sidekick again! :D hooray for changable shells! woohoo! o^__^o can't wait to go supply shopping! I loooove decoden! It takes sooo much time though, but it will only be this month to do it and then sell some x]

Woah, I type too much xD