November 18, 2009

My 1st Time leaving a Neggy Feedback!

Chibi sad fo 3 dayz now.
Coz buyer bought Chibi's items and not pay ne!
Chibi sent email and convo everydai and nu reply ;~;
Dis made Chibi berry sad and worried.
Chibi feel gewd she left neggy feedback todai ^_^
Chibi now happi coz she speaking to Ann, her lovely big sissy =^3^= mwuah!

Okie enuff of that xD that's just a lil inside joke between me and DestinationDesign/Ann, lol. So, to translate this, I actually had a non-payer. Worse, it was a non-communicator aswell T~T I reaaaally would of appreciated it if the person convo'ed me or replied to my emails saying,"Hey, cancel these things. I don't want them anymore" or "I'll pay it in 6 months" something like that xD But no. It didn't respond at all. It's so weird because I posted my main policy in my shop announcement, and before checkout a message to buyers :[ It's like what the effin way? I looked at it's feedbacks and it goes up and down =/ And some of the items bought were paid the same day e___e I was so sad when it didn't pay the first day cause I felt I was being teased in a way. I wish it had convo me that it cannot pay right now but really wants it. I'm not that anal T~T I honestly would hold an item a month or more if I had to as long as the person keeps in touch with me. All I ask is for communication. Anyways, I'm happy now that it's out of the way and it's not the worst ever to happen to someone. I have heard others. But, I never knew I would actually have no mercy to actually leave a negative feedback, but hey, communication is #1 to me as a seller to a buyer relationship. I'm pretty sure others agree, even if they're policies are strict like mines. But yea...I'm happy now...craving some blue berry muffins.

Sooo, 5 more sales and I can do the 1st ever Love Game Raffle!!! woohoo! 60 baybeh! 60 sales! And this one will have all those 60 chances entered since it is the first game :] woohoo! I also have to start scanning the gift wrap for xmas theme xD woopsie doodles! I'll get on it in a bit! ^__^