July 25, 2009

Summer Giveaway! For all ages! Ends 8/9/09 @ noon Pacific Time

My boyfriend [he’s like my treasurer/secretary/slave to make hooks on those charms/co-partner of IK…so blame him if the prices are too high, lol] and I have decided to make a Giveaway before school starts ^__^ huzzah! He says we should have 3prizes, and raffle the names out of his top hat =] Here are the prizes~:

Different ways to enter:

1. Follow me on Blogspot, and leave a cute piccy for me to see [1pt]
and/or on MySpace send me a comment with a cute piccy ^_^

2. Add me on www.myspace.com/imperfect_kawaii and if you had, send me a comment ^___^ [1pt]

3. For every item you buy at my store, [3pts]

4. Make me a fan sign or fan art of how much you like/love Imperfect Kawaii. It could be anything! [5pts] Don’t forget to send me the piccy too! I’d love to display it on my MySpace!

5. Post this giveaway on your blog, site, whatever, and send me the link! [1pt each]

For each point you get, your name will be written down. The possibilities are endless. On that afternoon on August 9, my boyfriend and I will be randomly drawing the names out of his top hat and reveal the winners by video so you know who was picked ^_^

Each prize winner gets a 50% off total purchase coupon along with their prizes! Just in time for the holidays to shop at my store and get 50% off your total purchase ^__^

Goodluck everyone!

July 23, 2009

Big and Soft RINGS

I made 4 rings the other day, yay! I had made some for myself to wear too ^_^ some of my friends have seen some already =] Here there are! They're hime inspired n_n

I've only made 1 of each...so if you want first dibs, add me on www.myspace.com/imperfect_kawaii, they will slowly make their way on Etsy if not sold xD The heart ones are $5.00 and the roses are $6.00 ^__^ I enjoy wearing them so much! I feel kinda classy x] I'm not a big fan of jewelry, but I've been enjoying handmade rings lately, be it my creation or others! I have recieved a cute strawberry cab on an adjustable ring from Ann [destinationdesign] ^__^ I felt special!

July 21, 2009


July went by soooo fast! It feels like July 4th was just yesterday o_o; Anyways, my earring thingy majiggers came! yay! now I can make earrings like the big girls ^___^ well..that equals more charm making for me ^_^ oh well! As long as I have my bf by myside making the hooks, I'm half way done ^.^ w00t w00t! Also, I bought a printer from Target, it's a scanner, printer, and a copier! yay! So I can now print out reimbursements and what nots =] and can scan my fugly stickers for higher quality xD bleeeh.

I'm planning to do a Back to School giveaway later this week and ending it like mid August, cause gotta ship that baby out ^__^ I have two prizes to give away, 1. Hello Kitty Scrap Book [pretty big], a Hello Kitty lunch box with kawaii san-x pencils inside and a batzmaru smelly eraser [adding more tomorrow to it], and something else not Hello Kitty related xD probably a 50% coupon for my store since Christmas is coming around. Also, gonna do it a point system. 1st place gets to choose, then 2nd place, and then 3rd gets whatever's left....will make blog about it...later this week. Ahhh!!! it's 2:37am here! x[

So my summer has been about my secret double life as a charm maker, studying for my TEAS, spending time with my bf and friends, and of course, my mother =] cause when school starts we're like 10ft away from each other xD oh yes, and watching all my Sailor Moon DVDs o^____^o I'm on Sailor Moon S at the moment.

I made a promo ad yesterday to send to a friend who promotes me at craft fairs: