April 12, 2010

Featured Seller: Miss Mercy

I haven't been doing much with my shop, but did run an awesome spectacular contest! I've been busy with school and trying to get a job. I want to become a lady. Anywho, that fact is important because, I somehow got some sales and had some monies ^_^ I was looking to see if a friend of mine said when she'd be going to Germany. I went to her shop and was like OMG NOOO!!! It was sooner than I thought! I vowed to myself to buy at least one thing in each of my closest Etsy buddies' shop! This was a good chance to buy before she would go. But, what captivate me most was this bunny ring as I'm wearing =^_^= perfect for Easter and I do adore the fluffyness :] I just had to have it! Even if I am always on budget, but it's good to treat myself to something besides sweets ^_^ Also she was departing from USA :[ but for a happy ending of course ^_^ heehee. I'm honored to introduce to all my readers (if any, har har) Miss Mercy! My shopping experience with her is amazing! When my bunny arrived through the mail, I was so happy! It was carefully packaged and inside was like a party favor ^_^ I even got a lollipop, her cutesy business card (omg, you have got to see her Etsy banner!), and plastic bows for my hair :] Everything so cute and simple! I simply love her style. Her items are always very unique! I've known a lot of fellow kawaii kitschy sellers who take cute stuff and put them together, but wowwie, her stuff is amazing! It's so full of detail and life. I window shop a lot at her shop xD Blah, I can go on forever about her shop! Let's take a look at our interview with her ^__^!

1. Introduce yourself:
hello :) my names is meghan rose perrings am currently 29 years of age and a proud army wife! i guess you can technically say that i am a little gothic lolita girl at heart in appearance and personal style - but i love creating and crafting all sorts of fun items for many lovely subcultures in fashion. i am still a little girl at heart and love the simpler things in life- small things make me happy :D

2. What do you sell in your shop(s)?
in my shop on etsy i sell a variety of items (mainly jewelry- but i do throw in a few handbags, shoes, purses and home decor from every now and then) that reflects my small view and love for the fashion world! i love lots of style of fashion subclututres and admire all the different aspects of each. my shop mainly focuses on cute whimsical girly kawaii japanese inspired lolita items and well as vintage kitsch and pinup and retro horror and gothic steampunk from time to time. being a gemini i have ALOT of various interests that take me all over the map in my style and i love the eclectic nature of it all. you never know what you might find! or that i might create!

3. Where do you get your ideas and inspirations from?
i try to get my ideas and inspiration from my life in itself. i am still a little kid at heart and love shopping and lifes simpler pleasures. i try to be fun and whimical when creating and enjoy the process as much as the finished items themselves. i focus alot on my childhood and all the happy memories it contains for me as i still try to see things thru the eyes of a child now and then. i try to create pieces that i would want to wear myself and that others hopefully will enjoy as well. i focus on the fun side of life and try my best in making interesting and different pieces.

4. Besides crafting, what else do you enjoy doing?
i have so many varied interests! i love traveling and history as well as historic inspired costuming! i am a huge medieval nerd and spend weeks on end every summer at renassiance festivals all over dressing up and particapting in the festivies! i love the forest and reading. as well as shopping of course and flea markets! i also am very into vitnage old scholl horror films and classics. i love vitnage and retro items and the histry they can tell us. i have been a various archaeological digs that i enjoyed immensly. and last but not least spending time with my wonderful soldier husband!

5. Is there any advice you can give to newbies who are selling handmade stuff online?
my best advise would be dont give up! if you have a passion for something and you love to do it- dont quit. selling esp when you first start out can be slow- but do all you can to get your name out there. as long as you love what you are doing you will always have a smile on your face!

6. In your opinion, is it competitive selling kawaii kitschy accessories?
i am sure techincally it is considered competitive- but i really do not see it that way. i am so so honoured to be amoung such amazing and wonderful crafters on etsy! lots of these sellers totally blow my mind with what they can come up with! its insane! granted alot of the supplies can over lap but i think there is a respect amongust us all that we care cretive enough in our own right to make wonderfully amazing items differnetly out of the same stock.

7. How do you promote yourself?
i try to network as much as i can online :) i also try to trade with other sellers every now and then if i can :) i have a myspace page and a twitter as well as a flickr account

8. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
oh gosh- by then i will almost be 40! :D still happily married with a child or 2 :) and hopefully still crafting :)

9. What cartoon character do you like and why?
gosh thats hard! there are so many!! obviously i LOVE hello kitty and all sanrio characters. i grew up with them and i love them to death. i adore my melody and the sugarbunnies too :) i also am a huge san-x fan and have a HUGE collection of san-x. i love the not so normal charactures that they create- i love kogepan and nyankos as well as cheese family too! i also have to through these two charcters from watching these movies many many times when i was little that i still love to death - unico the unicorn from the adventure of unico and nicodemus the rat from bluth's cartoon the secret of nihm. and lastly- i love tokidokis too and have too many! but i cant help it - the charactures as so cute! <3 xoxox

And there you have it ^__^ Miss Mercy *applauds* Her shop is so prettiful! You'll spend quite some time on there browsing and oohing and awwing :] I know I have! Heehee.

Shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/missmercy