April 9, 2012

Shocking News!

Hello everybody! Hope everyone has been well and you have joined our Giveaway on Facebook and/or Tumblr ^_^ I will host one here soon...possibly near the holidays when it comes :]

I have wonderful news and explains why I haven't been blogging when I said I would @_@ sorry!!! I will be selling at ANIME EXPO!!! For just one day, lol, Saturday. It is all good ^.^ Our shop will be filling in for Mugibunny that day since she has something to do. I'm very excited and nervous. It is my first time vending at a convention T~T I'll be under guidance with KawaiiGoods. So yes, I am currently extra busy making more charms to show off my "skills". I sometimes feel like I'm in Cupcake Wars or Sweet Genius while I'm crafting. I honestly do talk to myself in my head as if I'm a baker competing heehee. I will try to post some pictures of what I've done here, Deviant Art, and Facebook. Hope it tempts some people to come visit me and look at my work in person ^____^ yes?

And another note, I may be moving to a new location (not too far from where I'm at right now). So more news on that. If that's the case, Spazzy will be holding the shop in his room LOL so orders can still be processed and we can still work for the convention inventory.

Now I leave you a little commercial like photo of our Happy Packs! They're at a happy price and a great sampler to buy to try out some Imperfect Kawaii taste ^.^

You can purchase at any IK shop~