January 1, 2010

I feel a widdle baaad...

that I've never talked about who I am ^_^; heehee. Like I heard from Etsy that some people LOVE reading a seller's profile summary and get to know the individual. Well, I'm dedicating this one post about me ^.^! I plan to actually blog a little more if something comes up that can benefit to crafting, cooking, baking, shopping ideas...things like that. Kind of like that one post I did about swap parties and how I held one ^___^ So yea, most things will be about the shop, and some about my personal activities. Okie dokie! I'll put in sections!

I live about 30-50 miles away from the great Los Angeles, California. My town is smack dab in the middle of everything. It would only take me 20mins to get to Disneyland or Knotts. To the beach? About 30minutes. I must say I'm pretty happy where I live. This town has a lot of stores I love and food! I can get American, Italian, Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, some Vietnamese, Mexican, Japanese, and Filipino foods ^__^ There's so much variety and I'd love to stay here for my whole life. I live with my mommy and daddy and grandma. I am half Chinese (mommy) and half Filipino (daddy). We mostly dine on Chinese food more than Filipino and other foods. I am an only child (sadly) and I suppose I am a little spoiled, but only for things that are really needed and essential to my education or health (things to wear). Regardless of having no siblings, I have a blue/gray Pomeranian who was born Feb 23, 2007 and given by my boyfriend. I feel so happy coming home from school and seeing this pup ^_^

I'm currently (and hopefully forever) with a total sweetheart! Heehee, and I've had a lot of evil twisted weird exs! I've finally met someone who loves me for me and not because of my appearance ^__^ It's a pretty long story about this guy :] I can go on and on forever! He's able to handle all my cry baby times and puts me back in place. He's very very close to me and I'm able to speak whatever is on my mind. Now, I'm a pretty closed person who wouldn't tell others how I feel or what I have in mind, but I'm 100% comfortable with my boyfriend. ^___^ He always makes me smile and feel oh so good. He pampers me like a princess and treasures me like an angel :] Yep, I'm one lucky gal~! Oh yea, and as a crazy twist, we're an interracial couple ^__^ He's Mexican while I'm Asian, and my mommy is old school. We've been happily ever after since Sept 2, 2006 ^__^!


WELL! I'm pretty much usually studying nowadays...but when I want to take a break from the books, I love hanging out with my friends! We're not the type that likes to go out to clubs and drink or hook up with strangers xD Heehee, no no! We like to just hang out somewhere or someone's house, eat and play video games or youtube ^_^! I love them so muchy! Other than that, I'm pretty much into the art field. I like to draw and color a lot ^__^ Not as much as I used to when I was younger though. I'm always moving from different art forms. I've drawn, colored, paint, pastel, origami, sing, dance, and now sculpt clay and decoden. I just know if some kind of project requires a form of art, I'll go crazy and become a perfectionist over it! I do love projects that require creativity and color ^___^ I like hanging out with my boyfriend and have random adventures together =] Oh and play with puppy! I love shopping!!! omg, I cannot stress that enuff xD but I shop mostly for things I need. I wish I could splurge, but I'm not the kind to splurge x] Unless my boyfriend offers a Hello Kitty shopping spree which happens once in a while :3

I'm a huuuuge collector of Sanrio stuff! Especially Hello Kitty! I was influenced by my older cousins on my daddy's side since I was still a toddler. I saw they collected Sanrio stuff, so I decided to do so too (that time I only had two Hello Kitty things). My collection kept growing and growing as the years passed by. Since summer 2006, I saw this cute bag at Macy's. I didn't really want it since I wasn't a purse kind of person. It was a Tokidoki purse. My mommy bought it for me ^_^ I did some research of the brand and fell in love with it xD So I kept up with new products and influenced my boyfriend. We both now collect Tokidoki stuff when we can. I plan to get a wallet, more shirts, and other stuff. I know it's pricey, but my mommy buys the bags for me. Recently, she got me a Tokidoki backpack and my cousin gave me a cellphone bag ^.^ This photo is a picture before my backpack and cell bag. I also tend to collect kawaii flake stickers and memo papers. I use them in my scrap book of me and my boyfriend ^__^ My biggest collection is of various stuff animals that I grew up with and gifts given to me :]

I LOVE ITALIAN AND JAPANESE FOODIES!!! They're my favorites!!! Chicken Alfredo Pasta is my fave! For Japanese, I love terriyaki beef steak with shrimp tempura on the side, nyum! I also love the little snacks of Japan. My favorites are crepes with vanilla ice cream, strawberries, nutella, and whip cream ^__^ yum! I'm pretty lucky I live close to this dessert and snack place that's like in Japan called Genki Living. They sell crepes, taiyaki, and more Japanese snacks! I also love Meiji Apollo Chocolates and Strawberry and Milk Pocky =^_^= my mommy always packs me Pocky for school since I was in elementary! Sometimes I like yan yans. I like some American snacks, but they were from the 90's like those 3D doritos and those peanut shaped waffers with peanut butter inside. My boyfriend and I love reminiscing about the good snacks from the 90's, lol. I also love chicken strips with honey mustard =] Oooh, and cookies (chocolate or white chip, and peanut butter), ice cream (oreos and cream), and cupcakes makes me very happy!

I don't like flirty people who flirt with any moving thing they see =/ Sorry. I really don't like super arrogant people. Most of the boyfriends I had were super arrogant xD Also, sarcasm makes me cry.

Yep...if you'd like to know more about me, feel free to ask ^_^