January 20, 2010

Victorian Tea Party :] yay!

Yay! For my birthday this year, the theme was a Victorian Tea Party (told ya themes were awesome!). I dressed up in a soft dusty pink color dress which has a princess style. I also used accessories like my tiny tiara and heels from Bodyline, my LOVE teddybear ring from my own shop, and my crown pendant from Destination Design (my big sister, pearls are from Clair's). I managed to slightly curl my hair ^__^ teehee. I had lack of sleep T_T There were contests to prepare for, a cook off and a dessert off! It was held at one of my friend's house instead of the park ^_^ so nice of him! My boyfriend and I helped him and his girlfriend and her brother set up =] The set up was perfect, it was like a dream come true! Heck, we had the banquet tables!

Soon the guests arrived with their dishes for the contest. We were all dressed up so elegantly (except for our camera man and one certain person u_u). Everyone had their own special tea cup or mug! We had a variety of dishes for the cook off! We had my chicken alfredo, bread sticks, 3 different tea sandwiches, cucumber sandwiches Persian style,and Papa Rellena (a Peruvian potato dish). Everything was soooo scrumptious! There was also so many tea flavors to go with it such as: mango peach, mix berry, green tea, jasmine, black tea, tea from the UK itself (friend went there for a semester), almond tea, and vanilla honey. My favorite was the black tea mixed with milk, and the mix berry was very divine. Oh my goodness! In one day I had about 40-50ish lumps of sugar cubes in my tea!!! Why? I forgot to stir with a spoon and was just swishing my tea bag around to stir. It was my first tea time besides green tea (I don't put sugar in green tea) ^__^;

As if that was enough sugar I had, there was the Dessert Off! We had chocolate dipped madelines (and strawberries, she was kinda bribing me xD), candied yams, apple pie, coffee mousse cake,chocolate cookie mix on the table! and then my birthday cake. Oh, everyone was so full from the cook off entrees! I like how our tea party was like an actual tea party! We sat, drink, nibble, and talk ^_^ Everyone seemed like they were enjoying, and I can't believe it turned out like I dreamed, the banquet setting that is, food, and the bestest friends xD There was about 12 of us. When it came to voting, we have set up a voting place near the kitchen on a table. People would vote anonymously or put their initials. They voted for one favorite cook off entry and one dessert off. What won was Papa Rellena, so he got a gift card to BJ's Restaurant, and for dessert off, it was the coffee mousse thingy who's reward was a gift coupons to Baskin Robbins ^__^ good cause she does like sweets too!

Our photographer had to leave early, so we took a group picture in front of the house ^__^ lookie how everyone is dressed! So awesome! They've all really captured the Victorian look in my opinion! After that we went back inside and eat more food and drank tea xD! We opened gifts and they read me their poems they made for me ^__^ And then played the game Loaded Questions. I had a good time. It felt like a very relaxing time, just being with my bestest buddies, eating, and sippin tea. Everyone said it was a wonderful tea party they've ever been ^____^! Any theme or wherever, I'm happy it's with my friends and my hunny to help :]