March 23, 2013

Cherry Blossom Festival + small quick survey!

I love the Cherry Blossom Festivals celebrated here in Southern California! It's full of wonderful Japanese cultural stuff and is just amazing to check out at a neighborhood nearby. This year, IK has been honorably chosen to run a small booth at a Cherry Blossom event on April 6th, 2013!!! Check out the event on Facebook:
The location is at the Cultural Alliance of Long Beach.

I'm pretty jazzed up as we get to showcase our work, and Spazzy has a few things he wants to show from his artistic side (which is most of him)! I'm so happy he is coming out of his turtle shell ^.^ He gets so shy. I hope everyone will like his paper crafts! He did this Eevee the other day:
Also excited to see some familiar and new faces! Especially excited to see my big lolita sister and shop Kawaii Goods! She'll be selling as well ^___^ So please do join in the festivities if you're in the area! It shall be fun!

On another note, I made a short survey regarding our shop and your thoughts. I'd love to know what exactly you like in it and what you'd like to see more of. We have lots of plans in the summer, so this will help us improve our items and the shop more. But mostly we'd like to make you sweeteas happy ^.^! So far it has been collecting interesting results. I'm extremely flattered a lot of people enjoy my original creations than fan art stuff. That really...really...means a lot to me :']

Survey is here and completely anonymous:

Thank you in advance sweeteas!


Chibi's little hiatus (for the past two months! Woah!)

Hello! I know I don't blog much on here, but I frequently update the Facebook page of what is happening ^_^ So some of you may have notice I haven't been posting new items, photos, or sneak peaks for the past two months. Well lots have been happening just those two months O_O