July 4, 2009

A preview of what's comming late July

No you cannot eat the poor thing!
It's a fake cupcake with loaded stuff on top.
Dare to eat it?
Can you wear it?
This is...the secret necklace.
it's not alone.

June 30, 2009

My 1st Set of Rings

and they are part of Royal Desserts ^__^ Okie! So I'm not going in order yet for charms...It's just I'm pretty happy what I did this weekend =] it turned out cool~!
<~~~Here's the Big Strawberry Cake Ring[adjustable of course] ^___^ I'm happy of how it came out! I epoxy'd it unto the ring base, and sparkled the frosting part for just effects ^__^ Then I glaaaaazed it so it's durable =] FYI, this cake is an eraser...well...IT WAS an eraser ^_^ teehee. I'm selling these $3.50 because, it is just an eraser super glued unto a ring base xD Haha, wait until the big mamas come! I'm making Hime style rings soon o^___^o cause I loooove the princess look! ;D I know I'm gonna end up keeping some for myself x] Okie okie! Here's the other ring I made too~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>
It's the Ice Cream Ring!!! I glittered a litto bit the ice cream too. I was like OMG! These rings are coming out all huge! But, today, well Monday, I went shopping in the mall with my mommy and I noticed that big rings were totally in fashion o_O; Weird...I thought it was just me liking big everything xD Just like my sunglasses and clothes! I have both of these rings on MySpace and one cake one on Etsy ^__^

haha, my fugly hand xD

and moi modeling the ring x_x;;;