August 25, 2010

Kelly's Keychains Giveaway

One of my biggest idols is having a giveaway ^_^ I'm so excited and have hope to win :] or get noticed by her, haha. Here's the link to the giveaway!

and you can shop TODAY at her Etsy shop

July 28, 2010

Hair Accessories commercial spoof

Here's a new commercial from the Imperfect Kawaii channel ^__^ all about hair clips and things! Also stay tuned in the end ;]

July 22, 2010

Fawn Necklace Giveaway...

from Licorice and Lollipops Jewelry :]

One of my friends from Etsy is holding a giveaway!!! Her items are all awesome ^__^ check out her shop and enter her giveaway for a chance to get the cutie Fawn necklace<3

July 16, 2010


Wowwie, sorry for not blogging for a while ^__^ Well, we'd like to show you a preview of our upcoming website!!! We're so excited ^_^ We will no longer be selling on MySpace. Here's the preview:

June 13, 2010

Donations towards our new home

♡Wowwie! Sorry we haven't been updating our blogspot ^__^;;; We've been focusing on DeviantArt for some reason. It keeps on switching! Haha. We still love our Blogspot of course :] Do you still love us?

♡Some of you may know that we have an official webstore besides Etsy. This store is on MySpace, heehee. We have decided that it may be best that we venture away from the MySpace world and actually create our own world for our little creations and for all our customers and viewers to go to without feeling any obligations to sign up with MySpace or Etsy. Paypal is a must though, heehee ^_^ So, we've decided that we shall soon open up our own official webstore without using a social network. We will still use Etsy though :D We love Etsy!

♡Spazzy and I (Chibi) are both college students. As much as we enjoy crafting and making comics, we're very busy with school and finding a job ( don't get us wrong, we love our IK job but we have big plans in the future ;] ). So we decided to ask for donations towards our fans =^_^= Any donation amount is fine! But we've decided to do a little something for people who donate more than enough!

♡♡♡For every $5 you donate, you get a free cell phone or figure charm commission (size of about a penny to quarter)! Please do refer back to our DA portfolio for what we can do for you! In a message on paypal at donation or email us, please let us know what you'd like me to make for you ^_^ any color, animal, thing, kawaii faced! I just ask no copyrighted stuff or buggies ^.^; Working time is about 3-7 days and we'll let update you on how your charm is doing and when shipped :] If you live locally and don't have paypal, when I see you is fine ^_^ We're only doing this till we have enough to get our new home (which is like $60)! Donate as much as you want, even a penny! Click the donate button under our little letter ^.^!♡♡♡

May 23, 2010

IK team meets Simone Legno of Tokidoki!

WARNING! Somewhat long story ahead, but some pics! Just scroll to look at the pics xD

I finally got a chance to meet Simone Legno!!! The creator of Tokidoki :] Taken place at South Coast Plaza at Costa Mesa ^__^ It's good to be in Cali!

I missed Simone Legno, creator of Tokidoki, at the Melrose Tokidoki store opening because it was pretty cold and I didn't want to cause my boyfriend to drive a kazillion miles just to get an autograph. Luckily last month I found out that he was coming to Costa Mesa. I just had to meet him! It was going to be at a place I was most familiar with (sorta) and who knows when he'd be back to visit :[ So my boyfriend and I planned our trip ^___^

We came in our Tokidoki clothing, of course :]

We made it safely to the big mall ^_^ The line wasn't too long. Once Sephora opened, the crew gave us all wrist bands with numbers so that we can go ahead and roam around the mall (it was barely 10am and Simone is to arrive at 1pm) and come back to our spots. We were number #22 and 23 ^__^ I've made some purchases in order to get a free frenzy ($25 purchase). It's so weird I didn't intend to buy anything, but this week I lost my L'oreal mascara :[ So, I decided that it'd be cool to get the Tokidoki Mascara! Haha. But it wasn't enuff to get the freebie, so I purchased some Cactus pups finger nail buffers xD They're so cute! As for the freebie, we got Bastardino ^.^ I let my boyfriend have it because he loves the doggy :]

After shopping in Sephora and oogling at the cuteness of the stuff, well, me oogling at it and squeeling with excitement, we decided to walk around the mall ^_^

When we got back, there was A LOT of people, more than before. There was a photo session going on with SANDy ^_^

Not even 1pm yet, and Simone Legno appears O_O He waved to everyone and went into the store to sit in his booth. He had so many markers that he brought by himself in his own Tokidoki bag ^_^ We're lucky to be in the first group to go in, even before 1pm he already started drawing for everyone! Everyone was to go one on one with him =^.^= I was so uberly nervous and excited and happy! So many thoughts went through my mind. I've also brought my first Mini Munny that I made around 2007 or 08 and was inspired by him. I wanted to let him have it for being such a sport of making his fans so happy and also taking the time to draw everyone their fave Tokidoki charrie.

My heart was beating so fast as we came closer to getting to his booth. Wubzies (boyfriend's official nickname since we dated) was trying to calm me down and one of the crew lady was cheering me on that it's our turn soon =^__^= was our turn. I gulped and blushed and went up to Simone. He greeted with a simple hello and a warm smile. I was so shy and spoke really timidly. He then got my name which was written on the post-it. He...he got my name RIGHT on the first try when he said it. I was in shock! Not a lot of people get my name right =/ but he did! I was like OH MY GOSH. Every person gets to have one sketch and one signature anywhere. I chose the unicorn cause I don't have anything with the unicorn on it, and I asked the signature to be on my Mozzarella vinyl figureenie ^_^ He grabbed his sharpie and went ZOOM ZAP CHEWY! He was drawing really fast! It wasn't the type like he wanted to get done fast, but like he was used to drawing all of them xD It was so impressive!

Then...I took out of my bag the mini munny I made, Riko, and said all shyly,"I...made this for you." A smile came across his face and he looked at it for a long while and said thank you =^_^= Then picture time!

Eep! I didn't know how happy I really was during this event! My dimples are showing in this photo above and throughout the whole way going home X__X My boyfriend was very lucky on his sketch :P We're only suppose to get ONE charrie, and he got two because he could not make up his mind. He requested to Simone for Adios to walk Bastardino xD! Wubzies was very happy too :]

After he got his sketchbook back and got his picture taken, Simone said bye to us, and then...he looked to me and said,"Thank you for the present ________(my name, haha, I like it anonymous on here)". I felt like dropping on the floor since he remembered my name. But instead I was like hyperventilating until we got to the parking lot...well not even, cause it continued on the rest of the way home xD Me and Wubzies were in so much wow! It really, really, felt like a dream! We finally met Simone Legno of Tokidoki! The creator of all the stuff we wear and adore! I still feel like omg. The day ended with some In n Out for linner :]

I'm so very very happy to have gone to this event! I'm glad Wubzies made sure we went :D haha. That day was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! Meeting Simone, getting a really good quality mascara!, being with my boyfriend, In & Out, seeing my boyfriend be really happy!, encounter an ol' buddy at Frank & Sons, another ol' buddy at Wubzies' house, finishing up my vocab, coming home without mommy going snappy, and now, bloggy this day and remembering it! It still feels too good to be true that we met him. I really owe it to my honey-bunchies! He just wanted me to be really happy, and glad it's the whole day with nothing gone wrong ^_^

This is the best day of the year yet! I'll never forget this =']

April 12, 2010

Featured Seller: Miss Mercy

I haven't been doing much with my shop, but did run an awesome spectacular contest! I've been busy with school and trying to get a job. I want to become a lady. Anywho, that fact is important because, I somehow got some sales and had some monies ^_^ I was looking to see if a friend of mine said when she'd be going to Germany. I went to her shop and was like OMG NOOO!!! It was sooner than I thought! I vowed to myself to buy at least one thing in each of my closest Etsy buddies' shop! This was a good chance to buy before she would go. But, what captivate me most was this bunny ring as I'm wearing =^_^= perfect for Easter and I do adore the fluffyness :] I just had to have it! Even if I am always on budget, but it's good to treat myself to something besides sweets ^_^ Also she was departing from USA :[ but for a happy ending of course ^_^ heehee. I'm honored to introduce to all my readers (if any, har har) Miss Mercy! My shopping experience with her is amazing! When my bunny arrived through the mail, I was so happy! It was carefully packaged and inside was like a party favor ^_^ I even got a lollipop, her cutesy business card (omg, you have got to see her Etsy banner!), and plastic bows for my hair :] Everything so cute and simple! I simply love her style. Her items are always very unique! I've known a lot of fellow kawaii kitschy sellers who take cute stuff and put them together, but wowwie, her stuff is amazing! It's so full of detail and life. I window shop a lot at her shop xD Blah, I can go on forever about her shop! Let's take a look at our interview with her ^__^!

1. Introduce yourself:
hello :) my names is meghan rose perrings am currently 29 years of age and a proud army wife! i guess you can technically say that i am a little gothic lolita girl at heart in appearance and personal style - but i love creating and crafting all sorts of fun items for many lovely subcultures in fashion. i am still a little girl at heart and love the simpler things in life- small things make me happy :D

2. What do you sell in your shop(s)?
in my shop on etsy i sell a variety of items (mainly jewelry- but i do throw in a few handbags, shoes, purses and home decor from every now and then) that reflects my small view and love for the fashion world! i love lots of style of fashion subclututres and admire all the different aspects of each. my shop mainly focuses on cute whimsical girly kawaii japanese inspired lolita items and well as vintage kitsch and pinup and retro horror and gothic steampunk from time to time. being a gemini i have ALOT of various interests that take me all over the map in my style and i love the eclectic nature of it all. you never know what you might find! or that i might create!

3. Where do you get your ideas and inspirations from?
i try to get my ideas and inspiration from my life in itself. i am still a little kid at heart and love shopping and lifes simpler pleasures. i try to be fun and whimical when creating and enjoy the process as much as the finished items themselves. i focus alot on my childhood and all the happy memories it contains for me as i still try to see things thru the eyes of a child now and then. i try to create pieces that i would want to wear myself and that others hopefully will enjoy as well. i focus on the fun side of life and try my best in making interesting and different pieces.

4. Besides crafting, what else do you enjoy doing?
i have so many varied interests! i love traveling and history as well as historic inspired costuming! i am a huge medieval nerd and spend weeks on end every summer at renassiance festivals all over dressing up and particapting in the festivies! i love the forest and reading. as well as shopping of course and flea markets! i also am very into vitnage old scholl horror films and classics. i love vitnage and retro items and the histry they can tell us. i have been a various archaeological digs that i enjoyed immensly. and last but not least spending time with my wonderful soldier husband!

5. Is there any advice you can give to newbies who are selling handmade stuff online?
my best advise would be dont give up! if you have a passion for something and you love to do it- dont quit. selling esp when you first start out can be slow- but do all you can to get your name out there. as long as you love what you are doing you will always have a smile on your face!

6. In your opinion, is it competitive selling kawaii kitschy accessories?
i am sure techincally it is considered competitive- but i really do not see it that way. i am so so honoured to be amoung such amazing and wonderful crafters on etsy! lots of these sellers totally blow my mind with what they can come up with! its insane! granted alot of the supplies can over lap but i think there is a respect amongust us all that we care cretive enough in our own right to make wonderfully amazing items differnetly out of the same stock.

7. How do you promote yourself?
i try to network as much as i can online :) i also try to trade with other sellers every now and then if i can :) i have a myspace page and a twitter as well as a flickr account

8. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
oh gosh- by then i will almost be 40! :D still happily married with a child or 2 :) and hopefully still crafting :)

9. What cartoon character do you like and why?
gosh thats hard! there are so many!! obviously i LOVE hello kitty and all sanrio characters. i grew up with them and i love them to death. i adore my melody and the sugarbunnies too :) i also am a huge san-x fan and have a HUGE collection of san-x. i love the not so normal charactures that they create- i love kogepan and nyankos as well as cheese family too! i also have to through these two charcters from watching these movies many many times when i was little that i still love to death - unico the unicorn from the adventure of unico and nicodemus the rat from bluth's cartoon the secret of nihm. and lastly- i love tokidokis too and have too many! but i cant help it - the charactures as so cute! <3 xoxox

And there you have it ^__^ Miss Mercy *applauds* Her shop is so prettiful! You'll spend quite some time on there browsing and oohing and awwing :] I know I have! Heehee.


March 25, 2010

yay for 1 years!!!

It's been 1 year now since I've kept this little hobby of mine up, polymer clay sculpting and decoden. Even though I don't keep the stuff, it still makes me pretty happy to get request from others to see what I can do with their idea. What makes me even more happier is that their face lights up when they received the finished creature or thing ^__^ I've never gotten a frowny face yet! Heehee. I must admit, I'm still an amateur polymer clay charm maker, it's not as cute or really nice looking as all the polymer clay charm makers out there that I love and follow, but that doesn't stop customers coming to me :]

Imperfect Kawaii, is meant to be a secretive small shop, not to grow bigger. I have no intention in making the shop well known, maybe some day when I'm older (because nursing school is my first priority in a few years). Without having promoting the shop so much except in casual tweets, DA submissions, and a few chats, 242 items have been sold alone! My co-worker was impressed by the numbers since we don't promote our shop so much. We couldn't have done it or even keep going without our sweet customers! Thank you all very muchy ^_^ You are all a sugar cube to my cup of tea, making it extra sweet and delicious. In this matter, making this shop keep going ^.^ Hope you all stay tuned for more stuff!

Shorty Hoshino

March 18, 2010

A gift from me to you!

It's our main shop's birthday on March 25th, and we'd like to give our buyers a little something more than just a freebie! We're giving away to our first 25 customers starting March 18, 2010 a Sanrio Surprise Baggy ^__^ What's inside? Here's a hint, but not too much!
You'll get:

-a few small kawaii memo sheets
-Sanrio character candy
-Hello Kitty pin
-promo cellphone charm (not sold in stores!)
-and the cute Hello Kitty bag itself!

While supplies last! Only the first 25 buyers will receive this pack of Sanrio Surprise goodies!

Also, the owner of the shop has made a special video for everyone to see ^__^ It's a short storybook history of how Imperfect Kawaii began!

Hopefully this encourages you to send in a submission for our 1 year anniversary contest!!!

Thank you all for your 1 year of support to help us keep growing in our world! :] Couldn't do it without you sweeties!

The IK Crew

March 6, 2010


Time to put your creative thinking caps on! IK would like you to submit anything art form like regarding how much you love us or just a Happy 1 Year Anniversary wish!
Examples: photohgraphy of yourself and a fan sign or our product, painting, drawing, crayons, pixel, whatever floats your boat!

Please submit your work at; put the subject "1yr Anny", and your name/nickname in the message.

One entry per person! No purchase necessary! The IK crew will pick the top 3 winners ^__^ We also ask that you give us consent to post your art onto our
MySpace/Facebook please, so everyone can see your creativity! Please do mention in the e-mail submission if you allow this :] If your submission does not have the
shop's title and you agree to let us post, we shall put the title on there x]

1st Place- $10 certificate to the IK store (excludes customs), 1 kawaii letter set, and a choice of Pocky!
2nd Place- Your choice of any ring or earring, and a choice of Pocky.
3rd Place- A kawaii letter set and 10 stickers

Pocky flavors: chocolate, strawberry, milk, banana...will finish list by next week of more flavors!

March 31st. Winners will be announced the following week and will be contacted :]

If you have any questions, please ask here so others can see too


Something original, colorful, and you and how you feel about Imperfect Kawaii :]

NO NO's:
-Sadly no clay creations! In Imperfect Kawaii, we look up to fellow polymer clay users and adore their creations...but we want to see what else you can do ^_^
-No nudity
-No profanity
-No hate (why would you even browse our shop if you did O_O; )

February 24, 2010

Uber Shimmery Hello Cherry Ring!!!

I love this riiiing!!! It's so sparkly and glittery ^__^The Hello Kitty head is pretty big too! So get your ring today! They come in other colors too so you can get your most fave color, or collect them all to match with all your outfits ^___^ teehee.

Other than that news, my friend told me I should join Live Journal again, but no worries, it'll be the same kinda info from Blogspot, so all you blogspotters won't miss a thing ^.^! I promise! Another's almost going to be 1 year since I started Imperfect Kawaii! ^__^ hooray! I thank my friends for being so supported and telling me to keep making charms. I'm surprised I have stuck through this hobby all the way, but hey, I do love creating what I make and having people buy them or asking for customs, it makes me pretty happy too =] It keeps me going at this little hobby. As for the 1yr anny, I don't think I'll celebrate it TOO big...dunno yet what to do. I've been pretty busy with school, so I'm juggling it all out. I will do something, no worries! So stay tune ^___^

ONE MORE THING, lol. I'm almost at 100 sales at Etsy! I'm still thinking about what to give to Mister or Miss 100th customer on there :] Visit my shop on Etsy!!!

Or, you can go to my official shop on, but there's no 100th thingy there :3 puwahaha. On MySpace I've sold over 200+ for local and just that shop.

Hope you all are snuggly warm! It's so cold now in Cali T_T

February 17, 2010

Love Day!!!

I had a very very lovely Valentine's Day =^__^= The Friday before Valentine's Day, I baked with my boyfriend :] We baked strawberry banana heart shaped tiny cakes ^.^!!! I ate some of the ones I thought looked retarded xD! I have an oven now...but no mixer T~T chu! Anywho, while boyfriend frosted the cuppy cakes, I made my Valentine cards for my friends ^___^ I bought a Hello Kitty pack xD! It's hard to pass up a $1 good quality Hello Kitty thingy! haha. Besides, last year, I made my friends now this year, something edible ^__^ Here are some piccys!

They're yummy-er than it looks ^_^; If you remember my old first cake charms, it's based on my boyfriend's mom's cake she makes a lot :]

Annnnd here's their Valentine's :D

After all the baking and frosting and card making, we packed up the cupcakes and drove all around the area to deliver to my friends ^_^ All my single close friends get a cake to themselves, while couples have to share =P lol.
The day of Valentine's Day, my boyfriend and I decided to join his aunt's little party that she wanted to try. She wanted to do a backyard romantic dinner theme ^__^ So off we were to L.A.!

Once we got to his aunt's house and through the gates and CC the Pomeranian (heehee, my puppy's aunt), this is what we had to stroll on to get to the main area:

I decided not to use flash for the camera because it kinda ruins the mood ^__^; but here's a snap shot with flash!

Kinda looks bleh, but it shows what they used :] The lights were pretty dim and full of candles and rose petals ^__^ Lookie the ceiling thingy:

pretty cool, huh? This was all in the backyard ^___^ Now the fooood!!!

The food was all home made and oh so delish!!! There was roasted chicken, roasted pork, scampi, bread, and this sweet and tangy salad (I didn't get salad). The food was so scrumptious and tender ^___^ Then the best part...DESSERT!!! oh yes oh yes oh yes! Here's pics of the table of two shots!

So much! And here's a picture of my boyfriend's and my little dessert :]

I certainly love love loooove the tuxedo chocolate covered strawberries made by his mommy ^__^ So cute! And the tart is so delicate and yummy!

:] I'm glad she made this theme! It's so romantic and I love the bonding ^___^

January 31, 2010

My Dream House

My boyfriend and I have had this discussion several times before. My plan is, after I become LVN, work for 2 yrs, buy my mommy a nice house, go back to school for RN, and finally be done with school, I want to buy a nice simple cozy house for me and hopefully hubby xD We plan after I finish buying my mom a house, that me and him shall save up together for a place of our own, and puppy ^___^!

Okie! Enuff of the seriousness! Heehee, now onto the dreeeeam house! We were discussing more of the interior while we were eating at the Old Spaghetti Factory (check out on image google! You'll be amazed of their interior!). Also, that time (which is this month), I was packing some things up in the house because my fam and I are moving, my room mate grandma gave me a reaaally vintage phone! We were having a yard sale, but oh my goodness, I could not resist!

It looks exactly like the picture above! Weird I found this on google image on the 1st page! Same design, except the dial thingy is the classic circular dial ^___^ OF COURSE I KEPT IT! It's so cool! Luckily my boyfriend was fine with this ^.^! So we've decided that we'll have a Rococo style for our house's walls and furniture ^___^

But there's a twist of course ;] Most of our appliances are going to be Hello Kitty :D!!! My boyfriend sighed and says he'll be in Hello Kitty Hell big time xD! We're also going to have our Tokidoki vinyls and various Kidrobot vinyls too ^___^! We hope to have 4 bedrooms so one will be ours, two for kids, and one for half his studio (he wants to be a storyboard artist and needs that kinda desk) and half for my crap ^_^

As for myself, I want to work as a RN 3-4 days a week (that's how the schedule goes), be a great smexy wifey, a fab mommy, and still continue Imperfect Kawaii (maybe not as much, but will explode every season or so, haha...probably what I'm doing now). Also, I'll be preparing my hubby's lunch in a big Hello Kitty bento head xD! He's like," she's gonna be everywhere! On my food too!" Yea, this whole dream is a big stretch, but we've kept a pretty good promise to both finish school and save up ^___^ It's definitely a dream you have to work for :D


p.s. If any photos belong to someone, let me know or give a shout out on the commento ^_^ Not a mean shout out :O Just like,"that's miiiiine! right there! yay!". Thankies-sai! =^_^=

January 20, 2010

Victorian Tea Party :] yay!

Yay! For my birthday this year, the theme was a Victorian Tea Party (told ya themes were awesome!). I dressed up in a soft dusty pink color dress which has a princess style. I also used accessories like my tiny tiara and heels from Bodyline, my LOVE teddybear ring from my own shop, and my crown pendant from Destination Design (my big sister, pearls are from Clair's). I managed to slightly curl my hair ^__^ teehee. I had lack of sleep T_T There were contests to prepare for, a cook off and a dessert off! It was held at one of my friend's house instead of the park ^_^ so nice of him! My boyfriend and I helped him and his girlfriend and her brother set up =] The set up was perfect, it was like a dream come true! Heck, we had the banquet tables!

Soon the guests arrived with their dishes for the contest. We were all dressed up so elegantly (except for our camera man and one certain person u_u). Everyone had their own special tea cup or mug! We had a variety of dishes for the cook off! We had my chicken alfredo, bread sticks, 3 different tea sandwiches, cucumber sandwiches Persian style,and Papa Rellena (a Peruvian potato dish). Everything was soooo scrumptious! There was also so many tea flavors to go with it such as: mango peach, mix berry, green tea, jasmine, black tea, tea from the UK itself (friend went there for a semester), almond tea, and vanilla honey. My favorite was the black tea mixed with milk, and the mix berry was very divine. Oh my goodness! In one day I had about 40-50ish lumps of sugar cubes in my tea!!! Why? I forgot to stir with a spoon and was just swishing my tea bag around to stir. It was my first tea time besides green tea (I don't put sugar in green tea) ^__^;

As if that was enough sugar I had, there was the Dessert Off! We had chocolate dipped madelines (and strawberries, she was kinda bribing me xD), candied yams, apple pie, coffee mousse cake,chocolate cookie mix on the table! and then my birthday cake. Oh, everyone was so full from the cook off entrees! I like how our tea party was like an actual tea party! We sat, drink, nibble, and talk ^_^ Everyone seemed like they were enjoying, and I can't believe it turned out like I dreamed, the banquet setting that is, food, and the bestest friends xD There was about 12 of us. When it came to voting, we have set up a voting place near the kitchen on a table. People would vote anonymously or put their initials. They voted for one favorite cook off entry and one dessert off. What won was Papa Rellena, so he got a gift card to BJ's Restaurant, and for dessert off, it was the coffee mousse thingy who's reward was a gift coupons to Baskin Robbins ^__^ good cause she does like sweets too!

Our photographer had to leave early, so we took a group picture in front of the house ^__^ lookie how everyone is dressed! So awesome! They've all really captured the Victorian look in my opinion! After that we went back inside and eat more food and drank tea xD! We opened gifts and they read me their poems they made for me ^__^ And then played the game Loaded Questions. I had a good time. It felt like a very relaxing time, just being with my bestest buddies, eating, and sippin tea. Everyone said it was a wonderful tea party they've ever been ^____^! Any theme or wherever, I'm happy it's with my friends and my hunny to help :]