October 29, 2012

Lolita survey~ fun fun!

 I feel like doing a little survey~ Something a little personal from the whole crafting and food adventures I do ^.^ Got this cute Lolita fashion survey from this blogger: http://dippedinchoco.blogspot.co.at . Let's start!

September 30, 2012

Quest for Tokidoki sale!!! + Chibi's special friend ^_^

I heard the news couple weeks ago that Tokidoki was doing a warehouse sale on some of their stock! I kept debating whether to go or not due to the distance and me freaking out at driving to new places and getting lost ^_^; I wanted to get something for Spazzy since his birthday was coming.

August 22, 2012

Ace of Cupcakes!

(pic above: a view of Charm City Cakes, Melrose, CA)
Being an Elite Yelper definitely has it's perks! For those who don't know yet, "Yelp" is a popular website dedicated to everyday people to freely post reviews of restaurants, stores, and other places for others to read up. So being an Elite (had reviewed several places and was chosen to become part of this exclusive team), I was invited to attend a wonderful event hosted by Katie B., one of the Yelp Ambassador, to a private cupcake decorating session with her and a few other Yelpers. I'm very happy that one of my high school friends who is an Elite Yelper was invited too! We were provided cupcakes, coffee, and...DUFF GOLDMAN!

July 21, 2012

IK's first time in the Artist Alley!

Sorry for the uber delay on an update of how Anime Expo went for us! As we have announced, it was IK's first time to be premiered ever at a convention and artist alley! I've always been just taking some of my crafts to lolita meets that LemonTree11 hosts. Thanks to our lovely sponsor MugiBunny.com/FairytaleBoutique, we were given the chance to showcase what Imperfect Kawaii has to offer!

April 9, 2012

Shocking News!

Hello everybody! Hope everyone has been well and you have joined our Giveaway on Facebook and/or Tumblr ^_^ I will host one here soon...possibly near the holidays when it comes :]

I have wonderful news and explains why I haven't been blogging when I said I would @_@ sorry!!! I will be selling at ANIME EXPO!!! For just one day, lol, Saturday. It is all good ^.^ Our shop will be filling in for Mugibunny that day since she has something to do. I'm very excited and nervous. It is my first time vending at a convention T~T I'll be under guidance with KawaiiGoods. So yes, I am currently extra busy making more charms to show off my "skills". I sometimes feel like I'm in Cupcake Wars or Sweet Genius while I'm crafting. I honestly do talk to myself in my head as if I'm a baker competing heehee. I will try to post some pictures of what I've done here, Deviant Art, and Facebook. Hope it tempts some people to come visit me and look at my work in person ^____^ yes?

And another note, I may be moving to a new location (not too far from where I'm at right now). So more news on that. If that's the case, Spazzy will be holding the shop in his room LOL so orders can still be processed and we can still work for the convention inventory.

Now I leave you a little commercial like photo of our Happy Packs! They're at a happy price and a great sampler to buy to try out some Imperfect Kawaii taste ^.^

You can purchase at any IK shop~

March 25, 2012


Imperfect Kawaii is now 3 years old! Wowwie!!! It feels less then that to me. I have loved this journey of owning a small underground business. I made so many different kinds of things and met so many sweetea of a customer and fans~ So in gratitude, I present a BDAY Celebraton of a giveaway ^_^

As you can see in this photo, the prizes include:
-Rilakkuma paper sized plastic file
-Korilakuma memo head pad
-Hello Kitty carnival themed keyboard stickers (glitters*)
-Chef Panda mechanical pencilhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif
-CUSTOM CHARM of whatever your hearts' desire! And may be for mobile, earrings, keychain, ring, necklace, or as is. Max 1 inches tall or less.

I enjoy buying things that are useful, so I hope these items are useful and awarding. The catch is, I only made it available at two locations we are most active on and have quite a handful of followers. Perhaps one day we will hold it on Blogspot like the good ol' days. Please follow these links if you'd like to enter for a chance to win and follow the guidelines described ^_^ Good luck~



February 26, 2012

So what has Chibi been doing for 2 years...

Oh my, I just looked at the last entry...since 2010! So basically during the 1st year I've been a seller on Etsy ^_^; SORRY!!! But now I'm back and ready to blog (sometimes when I can). I do recommend following the shop on Facebook and Tumblr as I update there the most since it's pretty accessible on my iPhone.

For the duration of the past years, I've been in school and on and off jobs ^_^ I'm currently a happy little Nurse Assistant and still going to school forever for my Bachelors in Nursing Science for my Registered Nursing. Haha...it's a tough crowd out there. Other than that, school is the same and I have work sometimes as a nurse aide.

I still update Etsy quite sometime, but I've also made an official web shop
I put a lot of items that I make there first before Etsy ^_^ It's not a fancy site or anything, but it helps people see what's in stock if they're ordering locally ^.^ I've been making tons of clay stuff, interesting commissions over the years! and some more decoden stuff. You could see those on Facebook or DeviantArt~

Annnnnd one more new thing that has happened to my life. I've became a part time LOLITA FASHIONISTA! And I dearly love it! It has made me more comfortably with my body to the point I wear anything be it in lolita or casual~ It has also allowed me to meet other wonderful lolitas at meet ups, even my role model who also owns a shop called Kawaii Goods. Mochi-chan(owner of KG) and I have been close friends ever since my first lolita meet up and encounter with her. Along with this phenomenon, I met LemonTree11 aka Oli! She sells lots of fluffy bows and I became an addict. She allowed me to expand my business at meet ups she hosted. It was great and I'm happy a lot of people liked my crafts =^_^=

Welpz, I've been away because of school, work, social life,got a smart phone and dunno if there's a fancy app for blogspot heehee. I will try my bestest to update this blog more often like events, new line of items, etc.

I will also conjure a video of all the creations I've made over the past several years ^_^;

Also, I call my followers Sweeteas whether you're a male or female, you'll always be my sweetest cup of tea~ I've also became a tea addict thanks to Spazzy my boyfriend haha.


p.s. The two awesome lolitas I mentioned earlier:


Hello bloggers! I'm so very very sorry for the massive hiatus on here! I kinda miss blogging and I enjoy showing you all fantastic products I've created. It's been some years now @_@ So very sorry! If I get 100 followers on here (lol) I will do a generous giveaway.

Currently I'm trying to fix this blog since I've left it untouched for a long while...so hang on tight ^_^ For now, if you have a facebook, like Imperfect Kawaii's page :D Something exciting is coming up sometime on the weekend and YOU DO NOT wanna miss that! So I'll write another post on what exactly I've been up to and why I haven't touched my blogspot in a long while T_T;

Hope you all have been extremely well!


And here is the facebook link: http://www.facebook.com/ImperfectKawaii