July 23, 2009

Big and Soft RINGS

I made 4 rings the other day, yay! I had made some for myself to wear too ^_^ some of my friends have seen some already =] Here there are! They're hime inspired n_n

I've only made 1 of each...so if you want first dibs, add me on www.myspace.com/imperfect_kawaii, they will slowly make their way on Etsy if not sold xD The heart ones are $5.00 and the roses are $6.00 ^__^ I enjoy wearing them so much! I feel kinda classy x] I'm not a big fan of jewelry, but I've been enjoying handmade rings lately, be it my creation or others! I have recieved a cute strawberry cab on an adjustable ring from Ann [destinationdesign] ^__^ I felt special!

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