October 11, 2009


on selected items. On Etsy it will have a "SALE" in front of the item's name, and on MySpace a "*" sign. When I re-open my shop after vacation, I won't do monthly promos xD maybe small ones here and there since I can't make up my mind! ah!!! I need to start emptying out my Imperfect Kawaii storage for new stuff that I'm making. I am currently making some more charms, secret secret, of what they are....and yea, need room x]

Last week I finally got up a Facebook for the shop, yay! I'm treating it more of a fanpage than a shop. I already have MySpace, locals, and Etsy on my hands.

As for school life, I am currently one of the top students in the class, just that one class...who knows about the other classes. Heehee, but thankfully the teacher said pts will change since some people have weakneses in speech ^_^! YES! Sad...I know. I wish to make friends, but it's uber competitive =[

Socially, I see my friends time to time, maybe every other week. It seems like it, lol. I see my boyfriend like half a day and hopefully fridays. X_X I wish the economy was better so he can get a job easily. :D I love him so muchy! He's super supportive and believes I'll make it into LVN! Pray to GOD I do ;__;

Okie! So...if you like Hello Kitty and you remember my earrings, they're a Dollar Off!!! but till how long...? puwahahaha! I dunno o_O

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