November 14, 2009

Updates and a Love Game?

Okie dokie! Let's do the updates of the boring stuff first xD haha. Sooo, here's the dates again!
November 30th is the last day for any charm/cellphone/figureenie customs! I'll be working on those last minute order the week after that. Also after that day, I won't be shipping out of U.S. Why? Cause I don't want you mad at me that the item didn't come for xmas ;___; So if you're outta state, get shopping done! Especially now cause a lot of my stuff is starting to go away e___e; like slowly...and then there's also my other shop that can take the items on Etsy too, and there's also my local fans xD
December 12th, MY SHOP IS CLOSED. Etsy and Official/MySpace shop.
Dec 26th-Jan 2nd(TBA), Shop will open again where you can splurge if you like :]

Okie, now some fun updates...I has new Christmas items ^___^ I made a charm set again! For xmas now :] woohoo!!! And a few cellphone charms ;] If I ran out before November 30th, you may ask for a custom. I don't mind. Even if you want a penguin a different color ^____^

Now the fun fun update of them all! So today I went to Michael's and bought these Pink Bubble Wands ^_^ I was planning to buy them for my Birthday Tea Party as favors :] The thing is, there's too many of them! Haha, I have small parties that consists of 10-16peoples, and there was 36 wands O_O I thought and thought, and then came up with an idea. Why not have some fun and do a love game! I learned it's kinda hard to sell on Etsy, and I value all my customers who have chose to shop at my shop ;___; they're so awesome! Soooo! I decided to do raffles :D yeah yeah! After 10 items have been sold, boom, a raffle towards those 10 entries! So every listing you buy gives you a chance into the raffle. I'm going to change the prizes of course from every round. This first round will be everybody who has shopped before. Yea, since day 1 that I started! So when that 60th sale happens, RAFFLE TIME!!! So my task now is to find a good random chooser thingy ma-bobber. Anyone recommend one? Oh! The prize! duh! Haha! Of course, a Pink Heart Bubble Wand (you'll probably see this for awhile, lol), 8 different Hello Kitty memo sheets (STRAIGHT FROM JAPAN! My mommy's friend came over to visit and gave me a lot!), one custom tart ring, and a mystery coupon! I hope that sounds good! It's just a little way to show I appreciate my customers :] asides from the tiny freebies I give, lol. This is just for fun, no fighting! I think 6 more sales to go and we can start the raffle! yay!

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