December 17, 2009


I haven't blogged in awhile! Well, Finals are over! Sadly, I didn't make it into the LVN program because I didn't feel enthusiastic after one of my friend kinda abandon me and around that time one of my uncle passed away T~T so yea, lots of emotions floated around my mind and I lost energy. I was like Acing everything in the beginning, until my friend dropped a bombshell on me. Okies! Enuff of that!

Sooo...I'm pretty busy after the finals...I had to wrap my mommy's presents that she bought for people, 62 of them!!! Eep! I have yet to wrap mines ^_^; And, I have lots of charm customs to do and one decoden project ^___^ yep! omg, and also prepare for my birthday O____O

I'm making some changes xD I've already added little notes on the main shop on MySpace like what the items are and what not on their albums ^__^ On Etsy, I updated my policies O.O yea...better read that! Annnnd I has a new banner and avatar. Now, lookie what I made last week :D

There will be more cuppycake necklaces coming out next year ;]

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