June 30, 2009

My 1st Set of Rings

and they are part of Royal Desserts ^__^ Okie! So I'm not going in order yet for charms...It's just I'm pretty happy what I did this weekend =] it turned out cool~!
<~~~Here's the Big Strawberry Cake Ring[adjustable of course] ^___^ I'm happy of how it came out! I epoxy'd it unto the ring base, and sparkled the frosting part for just effects ^__^ Then I glaaaaazed it so it's durable =] FYI, this cake is an eraser...well...IT WAS an eraser ^_^ teehee. I'm selling these $3.50 because, it is just an eraser super glued unto a ring base xD Haha, wait until the big mamas come! I'm making Hime style rings soon o^___^o cause I loooove the princess look! ;D I know I'm gonna end up keeping some for myself x] Okie okie! Here's the other ring I made too~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>
It's the Ice Cream Ring!!! I glittered a litto bit the ice cream too. I was like OMG! These rings are coming out all huge! But, today, well Monday, I went shopping in the mall with my mommy and I noticed that big rings were totally in fashion o_O; Weird...I thought it was just me liking big everything xD Just like my sunglasses and clothes! I have both of these rings on MySpace and one cake one on Etsy ^__^

haha, my fugly hand xD

and moi modeling the ring x_x;;;

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Simply Chimica said...

Very cute.. Thanks for coming to my party!