January 16, 2010

Theme Parties!

I really enjoy theme parties. Never really been to many except Hawaiin themes. Last year my friends threw me a birthday party :] and I chose the theme of 80s! Because it was uberly last minute! Heehee. It was so much fun. Decorations were hand made and some borrowed from friends like a Transformer's poster. There were 80's candies that me and my bf were lucky enough to find at 99cent stores and Universal City Walk x] We even watched some 80's movie. My close friends don't throw huuge parties, more like just our group. I love themes ^_^ Here are some photos :D It's not like SUPER accurate of the 80's (like the video games we played or food):

This year, we've planned it out more better. This year's theme is Victorian/Rococo/Sunday's best dress tea party =^___^= chuuuu! *jumps up and down* I'm excited! It's not very accurate as well, but hey, with friends, anything is fun :3

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