March 6, 2010


Time to put your creative thinking caps on! IK would like you to submit anything art form like regarding how much you love us or just a Happy 1 Year Anniversary wish!
Examples: photohgraphy of yourself and a fan sign or our product, painting, drawing, crayons, pixel, whatever floats your boat!

Please submit your work at; put the subject "1yr Anny", and your name/nickname in the message.

One entry per person! No purchase necessary! The IK crew will pick the top 3 winners ^__^ We also ask that you give us consent to post your art onto our
MySpace/Facebook please, so everyone can see your creativity! Please do mention in the e-mail submission if you allow this :] If your submission does not have the
shop's title and you agree to let us post, we shall put the title on there x]

1st Place- $10 certificate to the IK store (excludes customs), 1 kawaii letter set, and a choice of Pocky!
2nd Place- Your choice of any ring or earring, and a choice of Pocky.
3rd Place- A kawaii letter set and 10 stickers

Pocky flavors: chocolate, strawberry, milk, banana...will finish list by next week of more flavors!

March 31st. Winners will be announced the following week and will be contacted :]

If you have any questions, please ask here so others can see too


Something original, colorful, and you and how you feel about Imperfect Kawaii :]

NO NO's:
-Sadly no clay creations! In Imperfect Kawaii, we look up to fellow polymer clay users and adore their creations...but we want to see what else you can do ^_^
-No nudity
-No profanity
-No hate (why would you even browse our shop if you did O_O; )

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