March 25, 2010

yay for 1 years!!!

It's been 1 year now since I've kept this little hobby of mine up, polymer clay sculpting and decoden. Even though I don't keep the stuff, it still makes me pretty happy to get request from others to see what I can do with their idea. What makes me even more happier is that their face lights up when they received the finished creature or thing ^__^ I've never gotten a frowny face yet! Heehee. I must admit, I'm still an amateur polymer clay charm maker, it's not as cute or really nice looking as all the polymer clay charm makers out there that I love and follow, but that doesn't stop customers coming to me :]

Imperfect Kawaii, is meant to be a secretive small shop, not to grow bigger. I have no intention in making the shop well known, maybe some day when I'm older (because nursing school is my first priority in a few years). Without having promoting the shop so much except in casual tweets, DA submissions, and a few chats, 242 items have been sold alone! My co-worker was impressed by the numbers since we don't promote our shop so much. We couldn't have done it or even keep going without our sweet customers! Thank you all very muchy ^_^ You are all a sugar cube to my cup of tea, making it extra sweet and delicious. In this matter, making this shop keep going ^.^ Hope you all stay tuned for more stuff!

Shorty Hoshino

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