May 23, 2010

IK team meets Simone Legno of Tokidoki!

WARNING! Somewhat long story ahead, but some pics! Just scroll to look at the pics xD

I finally got a chance to meet Simone Legno!!! The creator of Tokidoki :] Taken place at South Coast Plaza at Costa Mesa ^__^ It's good to be in Cali!

I missed Simone Legno, creator of Tokidoki, at the Melrose Tokidoki store opening because it was pretty cold and I didn't want to cause my boyfriend to drive a kazillion miles just to get an autograph. Luckily last month I found out that he was coming to Costa Mesa. I just had to meet him! It was going to be at a place I was most familiar with (sorta) and who knows when he'd be back to visit :[ So my boyfriend and I planned our trip ^___^

We came in our Tokidoki clothing, of course :]

We made it safely to the big mall ^_^ The line wasn't too long. Once Sephora opened, the crew gave us all wrist bands with numbers so that we can go ahead and roam around the mall (it was barely 10am and Simone is to arrive at 1pm) and come back to our spots. We were number #22 and 23 ^__^ I've made some purchases in order to get a free frenzy ($25 purchase). It's so weird I didn't intend to buy anything, but this week I lost my L'oreal mascara :[ So, I decided that it'd be cool to get the Tokidoki Mascara! Haha. But it wasn't enuff to get the freebie, so I purchased some Cactus pups finger nail buffers xD They're so cute! As for the freebie, we got Bastardino ^.^ I let my boyfriend have it because he loves the doggy :]

After shopping in Sephora and oogling at the cuteness of the stuff, well, me oogling at it and squeeling with excitement, we decided to walk around the mall ^_^

When we got back, there was A LOT of people, more than before. There was a photo session going on with SANDy ^_^

Not even 1pm yet, and Simone Legno appears O_O He waved to everyone and went into the store to sit in his booth. He had so many markers that he brought by himself in his own Tokidoki bag ^_^ We're lucky to be in the first group to go in, even before 1pm he already started drawing for everyone! Everyone was to go one on one with him =^.^= I was so uberly nervous and excited and happy! So many thoughts went through my mind. I've also brought my first Mini Munny that I made around 2007 or 08 and was inspired by him. I wanted to let him have it for being such a sport of making his fans so happy and also taking the time to draw everyone their fave Tokidoki charrie.

My heart was beating so fast as we came closer to getting to his booth. Wubzies (boyfriend's official nickname since we dated) was trying to calm me down and one of the crew lady was cheering me on that it's our turn soon =^__^= was our turn. I gulped and blushed and went up to Simone. He greeted with a simple hello and a warm smile. I was so shy and spoke really timidly. He then got my name which was written on the post-it. He...he got my name RIGHT on the first try when he said it. I was in shock! Not a lot of people get my name right =/ but he did! I was like OH MY GOSH. Every person gets to have one sketch and one signature anywhere. I chose the unicorn cause I don't have anything with the unicorn on it, and I asked the signature to be on my Mozzarella vinyl figureenie ^_^ He grabbed his sharpie and went ZOOM ZAP CHEWY! He was drawing really fast! It wasn't the type like he wanted to get done fast, but like he was used to drawing all of them xD It was so impressive!

Then...I took out of my bag the mini munny I made, Riko, and said all shyly,"I...made this for you." A smile came across his face and he looked at it for a long while and said thank you =^_^= Then picture time!

Eep! I didn't know how happy I really was during this event! My dimples are showing in this photo above and throughout the whole way going home X__X My boyfriend was very lucky on his sketch :P We're only suppose to get ONE charrie, and he got two because he could not make up his mind. He requested to Simone for Adios to walk Bastardino xD! Wubzies was very happy too :]

After he got his sketchbook back and got his picture taken, Simone said bye to us, and then...he looked to me and said,"Thank you for the present ________(my name, haha, I like it anonymous on here)". I felt like dropping on the floor since he remembered my name. But instead I was like hyperventilating until we got to the parking lot...well not even, cause it continued on the rest of the way home xD Me and Wubzies were in so much wow! It really, really, felt like a dream! We finally met Simone Legno of Tokidoki! The creator of all the stuff we wear and adore! I still feel like omg. The day ended with some In n Out for linner :]

I'm so very very happy to have gone to this event! I'm glad Wubzies made sure we went :D haha. That day was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! Meeting Simone, getting a really good quality mascara!, being with my boyfriend, In & Out, seeing my boyfriend be really happy!, encounter an ol' buddy at Frank & Sons, another ol' buddy at Wubzies' house, finishing up my vocab, coming home without mommy going snappy, and now, bloggy this day and remembering it! It still feels too good to be true that we met him. I really owe it to my honey-bunchies! He just wanted me to be really happy, and glad it's the whole day with nothing gone wrong ^_^

This is the best day of the year yet! I'll never forget this =']

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