March 23, 2013

Chibi's little hiatus (for the past two months! Woah!)

Hello! I know I don't blog much on here, but I frequently update the Facebook page of what is happening ^_^ So some of you may have notice I haven't been posting new items, photos, or sneak peaks for the past two months. Well lots have been happening just those two months O_O

Since December I've been working at a mental institution/day program and a facility for the mentally disabled adults. I'm a psychiatric nurse and a caregiver. I have mixed hours per week @_@ Sometimes I'm full time, sometimes I'm part time. It doesn't bother me as my rent is not high and I get paid decently (not like major $20 an hour haha). I basically help with the clients/patients daily living, give medications, supervise, re-organize and update their care plans, and input behavioral reports on the computer.  In February we had a few new employees at the facility and my boss left me in charge to train each of them in the facility, so most of my first few weeks of Feb were spent at the facility.

A week or so after Valentine's Day, I got bronchitis and then the flu, and then bronchitis again :[ It lasted for about 2-3 weeks as my body is immune to antibiotics. So, the healing process was pretty slow for my bronchitis. Thank heavens Spazzy was there to aid me when I had the flu. After that I had been taking care of my mother as she was scared of her up coming surgery.

Just last week, my mother had a sigmoid surgery to get rid of all the polyps present in her colon. I was the only one who could drive her to USC hospital and take care of her as much as I can. She is better now and moving as if nothing happened ^_^ Sadly last Saturday morning, the bronchitis crept up on me again :[ Since antibiotics is nothing to my system, I'm still getting over it. I haven't had this condition for a long while (since I was about 10 years old was the last time) so it was crazy that it came back all of a sudden. As of now I'm more functional and able to breath, but the coughing gets annoying.

I usually don't share personal life stuff, but I've been not so active with the shop for 2 months O_O; So sorry sweeteas! And I'm still finishing up the grand prize for our anniversary give away! Most likely will just have it up at the start of April ^.^;


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