June 18, 2009

How Imperfect Kawaii came to be

It all started Feb 2009, near Valentine's Day =^___^= I was working on my boyfriend's valentine's day gift, and my closest friends from high school came into my mind. They weren't as excited about love day =/ I was also reminded that Valentine's Day was also the Friendship Day ^_^ So I wanted to do something for my friends too! But what...I thought of Valentine's Day cards, but I want something they can bring with them always (I carry a Valentine's Day mini card from my friend Kariboh in my wallet x] ). During this time, I was playing a video game called Kingdom Hearts II, and then it came to me. OF COURSE! Paopus!!!

Paopus are star shaped fruits and legend says if two people share the same fruit, their destinies will forever intertwine. Most of my buddies know this game and the fruit. Now came the how do I make it xD I've searched several stores looking for the real fruit because they do exist. Then one night I went through deviant art and just typed in paopu. There were so many ways. Then there were these paopu charms...EUREKA! I decided to make cell phone charms so they can hang it unto their phones or keys or bags! yay~! So I went to Michael's, bought materials, and began making them :3

I'm so glad my friends liked them so muchy =^__^= They encouraged me to make different kinds of things =] I had extra pairs of Paopus and decided to sell them to KH fans and eBay. They sold out quickly!!! O__O My friend Michy (who later becomes Graphic Bun Bun due to her gosu skillz) gave me a shiny penny to use in pictures to show sizes ^_^ also to make more. The ones I've sold on eBay, got a lot of recognition. I have also enjoyed keeping in touch with my customers and even had the honor of making party favors of over 50 paopus! o^___^o Paopus certainly do make people come together in a way too =]

From then on, I keep on experimenting with different kinds of things to sculpt with ^__^ With my friends' encouragement, customers' smiles and compliments, and Michy's shiny lucky penny, I can make almost anything n_n They're called "Imperfect Kawaii" because I believe they aren't very cute. I must admit, there are LOTS of charm makers out there who makes charms very very very well! I make charms to pass time and because I like cute things and can't always buy too many cell phone charms (I must stop, really, I still buy some today). I've also noticed that they do make "cute" little gifts. I find my work crappy, but when I look at all the little darlings, I could tell they're made with lots of love and a passion to be cute. I hope my customers or future customers understand that regardless of the charm's disfigured shape, they are made specially for them, by me ^___^

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