June 18, 2009

Okie 2nd testing...the rundown of things

Okie dokie...so I found a good template. For some reason this website I went to last night to get diff templates, went kaboom! With like lots of virus o_o they need to fix that...

Yay~! So I'm on summer break, woohoo! Got to finish up lots of charms, and study for my TEAS. Gotta score high on that test to make up for crappy GPA to get into the Nursing Programs *crosses fingers* So this will be a very productive summer break ^__^ I go back to school at ELAC end of August.

What I'll do with this blog is post things of stuff I made and a lil story behind them and all the process I went through with them. Every creation has a story in them o^__^o that's what I believe atleast... heehee. Also, I'll also be featuring sellers and customers every other week or every week [depends when I have time, but most likely every other week]. Etsy has been so very good to me, and I want to feature sellers too =] Sooo yea...I'll post another blog on how to become a featured seller. I will feature a customer if they would like to xD only if they want to. I don't want them to haunt me down.

Okies...that's it for now =]

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Thankies a bunchies o^_____________^o

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