June 27, 2009

My Hello Kitty Sidekick~!

I decorated my phone like around April ^_^ It took me 4 long hours =___= but it was worth it ^__^ heehee, I have too many Hello Kitty in my purse and in my room xD Too many but not enuff! lol. Sooo yea, this is the first thing I ever decoden. How I found out about decoden? Well, I ordered off of eBAY this Hello Kitty magazine because it had Tokidoki in it too xD When I got the magazine, I schemed through it and looked at all the piccys [it was in Japanese], and I stumbled upon this cell phone add of Chiara and saw that the girls were decorating their phone with pearls, rhine stones, Hello Kitty cabochons, etc. I was like woah! I must have this Chiara product! I looked in Sanrio stores and they only have like 5 pieces for $7.00...my bf said to find something else xD I went to this lil Jap store in the mall that's all about glam, and they had Chiara stuff...it was puuurdy pricey for only a lil bit. Then I went and researched about Decoden and found diff sellers and such ^___^ so yay! And I was happy to find out that you can even make your own decoden stuff with just clay. I've just ordered some deco goodies today :] can't wait to decorate another changable shell for my phone! woohoo!!!

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