July 5, 2009

Rewards Card

Hello everyone! I've decided to make a Rewards Card system for frequent buyers ^__^

::How it works::
~For every $5.00 [included the shipping...I know the card says excludes, TYPO! woopsies ^_^;] you get a sticker to stick unto your card which will be distributed to you when it's your first time buying a total amount of $5.00 and up. The first filled in spaces where the stickers go will be stamps first.

~I'll mail you stickers to build up when you buy some more things, so be sure to keep your Rewards Card at a safe place. If lost, let me know and I'll send you a new Rewards Card with only 1 sticker because it's back to the drawing board with you! Heehee ^_^

~Collect 10 stickers on your Rewards Card and recieve a free gift! No purchase necessary. Just mail or take a picture of the Rewards Card for me to see and we'll discuss your reward :3

~There are 3 different rewards you can choose from.

#1. Two Free Cellphone charms customs: can be anything you want and what I can do.

#2. Surprise Eggy: Contains 2 cell phone strap with charm, 1 pair of earrings or 1 ring, and 10 kawaii Stickers.

#3. Kawaii prize: green tofu cushion for a cell phone, mp3, ipod, or any stuff you can stuff in the tofu~!

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