July 10, 2009

Teddy goes RAAAAAWR~!

I had an awesome time Thursday ^___^ I met up with Teddysaur [the red hair] :D I knoooow dangerous! We met on Etsy, then exchange MySpaces [even my real myspace!]. Why? We were both down for trading cute stuff :D Well, I don't think mines look cute, but her's does. Sooo, she called me the night before and got all quiet when I said hello xD She was pretty woah'd at my voice. The next day, I went to Lolicup to meet up with her since I just live like 5mins away from the school she goes to for summer classes. Lol. she totally stood out xD I was pretty shy, but I got comfy with her after like 10mins [which is ultra rare since I've never met her in person before, but I felt like I knew her for quite sometime]. She is freakin h i l a r i o u s~! She made me laugh so muchy ^___^ It was awesome. We were both...quite opposite but also had so much in common =^___^= I hope to deal or even just hang out with her again. She is uber awesome :3 and so effin random too. xD Wow. Just wow. We talked about so many things from Etsy to etcs~!

Here's what she gave me :]

And I gave her this in return:

^___^ She's very pretty and interesting. I love her boldness and how she's not afraid to express what she's thinking! She's also quite the artist :D She draws nakkie people with smiley faces,lol. Also, she sews a lot of stuff, draws cool stickers [lol, which got me started to draw crap on my stickers], clay sculpting, and more. She's also so sweet and donates to different stuff and loves animals n__n She's uberly awesome! I'm glad I met her =]

Her Etsy:http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=6465200

Her bloggy:http://tatianakim.blogspot.com

Check her out ^__^ The things she sales on Etsy, all the $$$ goes towards a donation thingy =] She told me about it that even if she dun get sales, she still donates her own $$$ ^__^ She's so sweet and silly!

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