August 30, 2009

My 1st Featured Seller of Etsy...

Destination Design! She's not the first person I bought from xD but she was the first person I met in an Etsy chatroom and just talked as if we knew each other in real life. She's such a kind person and I look up to her ^_^ I met her when I was starting to sale on Etsy, and just being a friend was a great experience! Lol, I spent most my summer days on Etsy [I have a life outside too!!! this is just waiting for friends to get ready]. She is also a clay user :D And I look up to all those who use clay! Her stuff is so adorable T~T She's always there for me too when I need tips on selling and just talking to her made me feel relax all summer ^__^

The first thing I bought from her were these PIGGIES for a friend's birthday:

I was excited waiting for the mail, but kinda bummed I didn't get something for myself xD One day I was so surprise to see a package for ME with colorful dots on them O_O I was like WOOOOOOW! *insert my jaw dropping face here* well, I smiled mostly xD heehee. I opened the package up and got a sweet freebie ^__^ yay!!! something for myself! Lol, for some odd reason the piggies weren't in there, but Destination Design solved it! :D yay!!! She made fresh piggies for me and shipped it to make it to my friend's bday e___e I felt very special, and even more so that she gave me a ring! I wear it a lot and think of her and the Etsy times during my summer break. I also just had to come back and get these Hello Kitty bows xD!

I enjoy window shopping at her shop, and eyeing stuff I wanna buy when I'm done stocking up my own stuff to make. She's so kind and creative with cuteness! Her shop is the perfect place to shop at for any occassions! You'll get that giddy effect like I did when I recieve a package from her :] And when you see or meet her at an Etsy chat, she's one of the most friendliest person you'll ever meet! She's still young but I know she'll be really successful and continue to make Hello Kitty and kawaii-goodness proud!

I'm a very very satisfied customer and had a wonderful experience! Seeing her items and owning a few, I can tell she has put a lot of love and time into them. Yea, it's cute by itself, but just how she vamps items up or create them out of stuff, I feel much love from her. I treasure my ring a lot because not only she is my friend, but I know she puts a lot of time to her items and loves doing what she does. :D Get to know her!



I loooooove Destination Design =^___^=

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