September 1, 2009


I've decided to make a special special every month, nothing TOO big unless it's a very special ocassion ^__^ This month's special is BUY 3 AND GET FREE SHIPPING! at any IK store [etsy or myspace]. I've also added some new earrings to my shops ^__^ yay! They're Hello Kitty B Graded, totally imperfect but...cute xD haha. And then there's the awesome Keroppi!

I'd also like to mention that I plan to go on vacation inactive mode in December due to finals [it's all or nothing!]. I shall re-open the shops after New Years and explode with different items~! yay! So far on my list while in school, I have several charms to release!

As for school so far, only 40 of us out of 200 will be chosen to be in the LVN program. It's for those who score really high in the class. Oooh, pray I get in T__T I have to be working my big booty off this time since I kinda slack for pre-reqs for RN, but hey, this is truly a good idea to get into this pre-req for LVN, cause now I'll be more focus fersure and serious about my school. Most of all, I'm doing it for myself instead of my mommy. So this is what my typical days would look like:

Monday- school, study
Tues- study, 1-2hr of charm stuff, study, maybe get ice cream?
Wed- school, homework, sleeeeep unless bf comes xD
Thur-study, 1-2hr of work, study, stuff, study
Fri-study, 1-2hr of work, study, and bf day!
Sat-study, 1-2hr of work, study, and if anything planned with friends or whatever.
Sun-study, study, study, and bf comes :D

Sooo yea...that's my life...mostly studying everyday, probably wednesday I'd study lightly and then relax. So yea, I'll still be doing my shop stuff, but not too much like usual in the summer. During winter break I'll be working on a lot on charms cause it will be 1yr for Imperfect Kawaii and gotta get back to what I sold before ^___^!

Ciao ciao<3

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