September 30, 2009

Busy week this week! eeperz!

Oh dear, I have so much to do this week!!! I'm studying so much to make up those days. I have some rings to show and sell, but those will have to wait till next week, because this week is my boyfriend's birthday!!! yay!!! Wednesday we're going to the L.A. County Fair o^__^o he's going to get me that gigantic gelato that I looooove so much! heehee. I'm uber excited for that! Admission and Unlimited Rides= $20, not bad compared to paying for each ride T~T Then Thursday (day of his bday), we're going to Disneyland!!! His parents are so sweet! They paid for my ticket...ah I must buy his daddy a delicious mocha cake for his bday fersure! Friday I have to deliver locally to Teddysaur =] buuut...I can't be there for a long time due to the fact I gotta study A's conversion of the metric system and that's my I must spend time on that. Then Saturday, I'm taking my hunnie out to lunch or dinner at Claim Jumper! =^.^=

-Shop News-

Since Monday or Sunday I offered the $1US/$2Int. Shipping Promotion in celebration of my boyfriend's birthday ^___^ Offer ends Oct 2nd! Which is this Friday O.O oh boy! I've also sold out of the Hello Kitty and Keroppi cupcake bottoms x]

For my Etsy shop, I will be using the money I make from there to save up for my dad's side of the family. The part of Phillippines that they live in got hit by the typhoon pretty badly. The flood took up a lot of the houses there and a lot of people died =[ I seriously have no idea if they're alright. We tried calling, but the lines are cut off. So I'm praying and hoping they're alright and safe in one of those retreat places or something. Once I know fersure they're okay, I'm going to give my sales money to them to help them get a start again with their life after the damages. I appreciate those who purchase from the shop, and or just pray. I know it's selfish to ask to pray for them, but yeaaa...I need hope xD I get happy and sad on and off. So thankies in advance for helping me gain some sales to make room for next year's stuff and save money up for them, and prayers!

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