September 28, 2009

Ondoy Flood/ Rocktober Special

Sooo this weekend was fun, but also heart breaking last night. I found out from my parents that Phillippines had a huge typhoon and it hit Manila and some other places. My family [both sides of family] were affected by it drastically, especially my daddy's side. I know my mommy's side of the family is alright because she called them and some were able to answer. My dad's side however, it was hard to get into contact. One of my cousin called my house, but the line dropped =[ I'm praying that everyone in the Phillippines are alright, but wow, there's so many damages.

As a special, I'm starting Rocktober Special earlier due to this issue. My daddy's side of the family live in the slummy parts of town and rarely have monies. So as for today and till whenever they're okay, I'm giving the money I make from sells on Etsy to my family over seas since they need it the most. I've decided for purchases over $10.00, I'd give a cell phone charm, memo papers, kawaii pencils, erasers, coupons, whatever I got of those things along with the small freebies as a thankies for the support! It's a really hard time for them and it's been hard for me to really sleep =[ so hopefully they are alright and that whatever money I can make can contribute to helping them. Also, it'll help clear my shop before going away.

Also, paopus shall be ready by Wednesday to deliver!

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