September 17, 2009

Everything is fine and dandy ^__^

yay! I'm pretty happy in work and school ^_^ First school, haha. I'm doing so well! I'm actually getting A's on my test! Lol, I only had A's in Sociology throughout my whole college life xD In Highschool I got A's, but wow, this class I'm actually doing well. I hope I never loose focus :] I also pray to GOD to keep me strong in my studies because I wanna be top 40, and I will get there! Even though this is an entirely different path I decided to go through to get to RN, I think it was meant for me to suck in my first 2yrs of college...cause I wasn't studying well or even put time and effort to my studies, and I was pretty depressed half the time cause of my mommy's nagging. But, ever since I joined this pre-LVN class, I've been pretty happy and more determined. Heck, it is a lot of studying, but I'm not stressing out. It's so awesome to listen to my heart.

Now the Imperfect Kawaii shops xD I like where it's at. It's not like a big brand name or anything, but I just enjoy the pace. I can take my time to do commishes and work on other creations to sell later. I'm happy to get an average of like 10 sales a month than like 1 or none xD And it's good money to just shop online, pay little bills, and sometimes transfer to my bank money to save up. Since I'm not horde on with a kazillion orders, it also allowed me to study better and schedule my time between work, school, and play. I like my shop slow paced since it's not my main source of money. I get allowance from daddy for just being "cute" xD haha, and the shops' sells are like pocket money for online purchases. Ooh, I've been doing deco-hime stuff for other stuff than my own stuff xD I shall post them in the shop next year :] I want to show them in like a Winter Line thingy like some brand clothes and bras do.

Hmm, oh~! And a sucky note now xD My printer refuses to print unless I have black ink! O___O Sooo...I have to ship items like every other week when I have hard cash in my hands. I think I'll be able to get ink next month fersure! Now here's some charms I made this week and nails:

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