September 12, 2009

This is Halloween! This is Halloween!

Tender dumpings everywhere, something something scare...this is Halloween! Okie, so I dunno the words to the song, but omg, my boyfriend knows the songs from Nightmare Before Christma too well xD He sings along throughout the movie ^_^; ehehehe...

I made some Halloween theme charms ^.^ hooray! This is the first time I made Halloween charms :D Since I'm sooooo busy with studying, I only made one of each thing O_O! Thus I say they're Special Edition and Limited Edition. I hope everyone likes their looks xD I even wrote a little background story for each item ^_^;


James the Candy Corn Cutie->He was always outcasted by the other candy corns in the bag since he was off color and disfigured body. He's still a sweetheart to everyone around him no matter how much they may tease him.

Sugar the Black Cat->She just loooooves being on the roof tops and just taking naps. Lots of people try to whack her away from their house due to the myth of black cats, but all she wants to do is nap on their roof tops.

Mini Batty Bat Bat Bat->The littlest member of the Bat Charm family. He is just nicknamed "Mini" and loves flying off into the night and loves to help his friends.

Spookay the Ghost->He's such a friendly ghost! Humans have always fascinated him for years that he wants to become friends with any human being he see's. The problem is, when he tries to befriend them, they run off in fear.

Kurt the Pumpkin->Never looses hope that he'll one day be picked out from the pumpkin patch regardless of his little size and his weird shape.

Together they make a perfect group known as Imperfect Halloweenies. They stick together and want to make the most of Halloween when it arrives ^_^

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