September 25, 2009

Featured Seller Show- Hugswithkisses

*Comes onto the stage and waves to the audience as the theme song plays* We have a special guest today!!! She's been my friend forever! Lol, well like since 7th grade ^_^ She has introduced me to Etsy and showed me how selling goes. And wow, I sure am addicted to Etsy *lots of hands clapping and wooohoos* ^_^ yes yes! I've knew her for so long and found out she is quite the talented crafter. After high school she moved :[ yea, sad sad SAD! But I'm so happy she pulled her life together and has a wonderful hubby, and recently A BABY!!! yay! ^.^ He's such a cutie. She works uber hard for her family ^___^ Let's give it up for Chimica!!! *theme song plays*

Me: Hey there giiiirl! Welcome to the interview! Let's begin, shall we? Please, introduce yourself to us! ^.^
Chimica: My name is Chimica.. I'm 21. I'm a mom, I'm a pro webmaster with 17 websites and I'm a cook book writer. I love crafter. Normally I craft digitally because my son is so young and loves to tear paper and get into everything.

Me: Lol! What do you sell in your shop? =]
Chimica: In my main shop I sale greeting cards, recipes and printables.... I like selling these items because they don't cost way to much to make which mean I can give my buyers some great prices.

Me:Where do you get your ideas and inspirations from?
Chimica: I get my ideas from digital scrapbookers. Since I have a baby I scrapbook a bunch. I also get ideas because they help me so I think they may help other people also.

Me: Besides crafting, what else do you enjoy doing?
Chimica: I really enjoy cooking. It relaxes me a bunch and I can write recipes all day if I had the time. I also enjoy writing poetry and of course playing with my baby.

Me: What advice can you give to newbie sellers selling handmade stuff over the web?
Chimica: My biggest tip for new sellers is to stay positive. Even I at times get depressed with lack of sales. Always keep your head up.

Me: In your opinion, is it competitive to sell greeting, holiday, etc cards?
Chimica: OH MY GOSH.. It is very hard to sale anything really because almost all things you sale someone is selling the same thing. It can be very stressful when other people are selling their cards for $.75.

Me: How do you promote yourself?
Chimica: I place links of sites that reach my target market and I chat in different forums. It takes a bunch of time. I also market on sites that sale handmade products.

Me: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
Chimica: Having a 10 year old baby.. and with my PHD in optomatry.. I also see myself with many sucessful websites. I honestly don't know if my cards will still be selling after 10 years. Things may become harder with people selling their items for much less or it may become better.. only time will tell.

Me: Who is your favorite cartoon character and why?
Chimica: FUNNY QUESTION! Everyday my son and I watch SCOOBY DOO. I love love love that show. However I also love winnie the pooh but it comes on at like 5am so we can't watch it.. I do have like all the movies though.. GOTTA LOVE A CUTE BEAR THAT LOVES HUNNY LIKE THAT YOU KNOW..

Me:Annnnd that's all we have for our show today! Thankies Chimica for the awesome interview! And hope you swing by town soon when I'm not busy with stupid school! ^__^ Goodnight everybody!!!

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