October 22, 2009

Customable Sweet Tart Ring

So I came up with an idea with the idea to use tarts as like a serving cup for dollop whip cream thingies ^_^ I like messing around with the whip on objects :] I do miss real baking xD heehee. Anywho, so I decided to make dollop rings, except they're on tarts. I also let my customers decide 1-3 toppings of their choice from the provided menu. So, I'm like a small PinkBerry or Yogurt place and you pick the toppings and I swirl it and put the toppings =^_^= here's some pics!!!

They're $5.25 each ^_^

Oooh, and I sold my 2nd Edition Cupcake Necklace in a day or two! It was so exciting! Cause it looked like a disaster to me T___T It was uber pink~!

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