October 24, 2009

Featured Seller Show- LaceyBabyDoll

*theme song plays as she walks onto the stage* Hello everybody!!! We have a special guest today! She's one of the sweetest and cutest dollies out there!!! Amber from Laceybabydoll.etsy.com! I noticed her when she hearted my shop on Etsy when I started selling on there. I clicked her icon and it lead me to such a beautiful shop! Light pink, gold accents, and cute flooded through my mind when I saw her shop. And I was like,"SHE HEARTED MY SHOP?!HER SHOP IS SOOO GORGEOUS AND CUTE!" and believe me, I react like this when I see someone else's shop to be more superior than mines. It's also an honor. Anyways, I have window shopped at her shop. I can't wait till after xmas when I can splurge like crazy, and her shop will be where I splurge first ^_^ teehee. Couple months later I realized she had a link to an Etsy Tea Party Team and that others can join. I contemplated whether I should since I'm already busy with school. But, I decided to join and we've been talking a lot ^__^ Wow, she's super sweet! Just like a doll indeed! Her shop is so adorable and I definitely love the theme of it! I was fortunate enough to get an interview with her...let's have a replay of that interview! *points at the big giant TV screen behind her*

Me:Introduce yourself:
Amber:My name is Amber and I am the girl behind Laceybabydoll on Etsy. I was born November 30th, 1987 in a small town in Pennsylvania.

Me:What do you sell in your shop(s)?
Amber:Mostly I sell jewelry and accessories. Occasionally I sell clothes. I'd love to someday sell more clothes but unfortunately at the moment I don't have enough time to make many.

Me:Where do you get your ideas and inspirations from?
Amber:Mainly from fairytales or from things I love from my childhood. I also adore sweet lolita fashions because they are so girly and feature many of my favorite things.

Me:Besides crafting, what else do you enjoy doing?
Amber:I love to go shopping! Whether it be at malls, online or just thrift shopping. I enjoy spending time with loved ones, going for walks--especially in the Fall since it's my favorite season--and collecting vintage charms.

Me:Is there any advice you can give to newbies who are selling handmade stuff online?
Amber:Just to follow their dreams and never give up on something that they truely love doing!

Me:In your opinion, is it competitive selling such adorable items for fellow kawaii/cute lovers???
Amber:It can be competitive! Especially since there are a lot of cute items on Etsy for Kawaii lovers. However, I try to keep my items as creative and unique as possible because of this!

Me:How do you promote yourself?
Amber:I don't really do much to promote myself. I do have a YouTube account where I post videos of my items--and sometimes sales. I let friends and family know about my shop though as often as possible.

Me:Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
Amber:Hopefully still doing what I love to do--creating! I would love to own my own shop someday, so hopefully that dream will come true! It would be really nice to have a family of my own by then as well! I hope I'll have a floppy eared bunny by then too!

Me:What cartoon character do you like and why?
Amber:I love Hello Kitty because she's always so adoreable! I have had quite the obsession with her since I was around five or six years old! I also recently started to really like Minnie Mouse because she's so girly!

Me:Thankies Amber for the awesome interview ^___^!

*faces back to the audience* And there you have it! The lovely dolly of all dolls Amber! ^__^ I just adore her shop so muchy! Etsy should make a wish list thingy where others can buy gifts for you xD Do they have that? o_O; *looks at camera girl* Do they? *turns back to audience* ANYWAYS! HAHAHAHA ^.^; If you like girly stuff or doll-like stuff, I recommend this shop! It's all cute! Her items are very very unique ^_^ love it! Till next time...GOODNIGHT EVERYBODY!!!*ending theme song*

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