November 24, 2009


Hey my sweeteas! I got a SUPER DUPER SPECIAL SALE for my hunnie buns on MySpace! NOW till Thursday morning (my time, California), 30% off your total purchase! That's right...30% off your total purchase. Here's the thing! Most items, haha, let me reprise ALL items have only 1 on stock! So browse through the albums, see an item you like, comment in caps "MINE" so no one else claims it! After you're done browsing and claiming, send a message of your order(s) (brief description or diff title is fine. I'll get it ;] ). Be aware that this excludes any RSVPs (look out for those! they're in bold lettering) and commission requests. **You must send your order messages before Thursday morning at 8am (Pacific USA time!) and prepared to pay. I will send paypal invoices that day too ^_^ **Okie! From this long boring paragraph, I'll list the steps!

30% OFF total purchase MADNESS SALE (for MySpace only)
1. Browse through the albums and see what you like.
2. Like something? Be sure it has no bolded RSVP and no one commented "MINE".
3. If no one claimed or it's not RSVP, then comment "MINE" on the picture(s).
4. When finished browsing and claiming, send a message of the items you order. If you don't remember the title, just describe it. I will be looking at the photos commented.
5. I will send you a pre-invoice of your order as a reply from your message.
6. After confirmed, I send you an invoice through paypal. If you're local, let me know if you want to pay by cash or paypal in the message.
7. Paid, and we're done and I package and ship (will ship orders on next Wednesday).

If you'd like gift wrapping, include in message. It is free for these two days ^__^

Oh, as for commissions for charms, be aware they are due by NOV 30TH. :D


If you don't have MySpace or like Etsy better, don't worry. I'll be having something special there too soon. I'm just giving my fans on MySpace a start for their Black Friday special :]

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