November 22, 2009

Wowwie! only 30ish days more!

Wow! Only 30ish more days till Christmas left! Eeeperz!!! And like, less then 10 days to get your commissions of cellphone/charm charms in! That's right! Yay! I got one big commishy the other day from Germany ^_^ which...I must start working on ^_^; teeheehee! And I got a phone to deco :] woohoo!

I'm very happy that I sold my iphone case that I deco (you know, the one that's all pink and bunnies). With that monies made, I was able to buy my Secret Santa it's gift :] We make a list of what we want btw on an index card with our names and draw outta a hat ^_^ So yea ^_^ I hope to keep getting sales cause I got my bf to buy for online, and the Secret Dollie part of the Etsy Tea Party Team to do ^_^ I plan to give my Secret Dollie a special deco'ed box to put her stuff in and buy her something cute and useful =] Buying things for people with money I made from doing what I do makes it feel more special. It's like I worked hard for it. I created something for someone to make them smile, they pay me and I use it to buy another someone special something. I just love it. It's like a never ending chain of making people smile. It's not the same effect if I use my allowance money, haha.

I made a new Cuppy Cake Necklace :] Another teaser for next year! haha. It's Keroppi stuck in a cupcake filled with whipped cream and treats! I hope the price is good ^_^;

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