January 31, 2010

My Dream House

My boyfriend and I have had this discussion several times before. My plan is, after I become LVN, work for 2 yrs, buy my mommy a nice house, go back to school for RN, and finally be done with school, I want to buy a nice simple cozy house for me and hopefully hubby xD We plan after I finish buying my mom a house, that me and him shall save up together for a place of our own, and puppy ^___^!

Okie! Enuff of the seriousness! Heehee, now onto the dreeeeam house! We were discussing more of the interior while we were eating at the Old Spaghetti Factory (check out on image google! You'll be amazed of their interior!). Also, that time (which is this month), I was packing some things up in the house because my fam and I are moving, my room mate grandma gave me a reaaally vintage phone! We were having a yard sale, but oh my goodness, I could not resist!

It looks exactly like the picture above! Weird I found this on google image on the 1st page! Same design, except the dial thingy is the classic circular dial ^___^ OF COURSE I KEPT IT! It's so cool! Luckily my boyfriend was fine with this ^.^! So we've decided that we'll have a Rococo style for our house's walls and furniture ^___^

But there's a twist of course ;] Most of our appliances are going to be Hello Kitty :D!!! My boyfriend sighed and says he'll be in Hello Kitty Hell big time xD! We're also going to have our Tokidoki vinyls and various Kidrobot vinyls too ^___^! We hope to have 4 bedrooms so one will be ours, two for kids, and one for half his studio (he wants to be a storyboard artist and needs that kinda desk) and half for my crap ^_^

As for myself, I want to work as a RN 3-4 days a week (that's how the schedule goes), be a great smexy wifey, a fab mommy, and still continue Imperfect Kawaii (maybe not as much, but will explode every season or so, haha...probably what I'm doing now). Also, I'll be preparing my hubby's lunch in a big Hello Kitty bento head xD! He's like," she's gonna be everywhere! On my food too!" Yea, this whole dream is a big stretch, but we've kept a pretty good promise to both finish school and save up ^___^ It's definitely a dream you have to work for :D


p.s. If any photos belong to someone, let me know or give a shout out on the commento ^_^ Not a mean shout out :O Just like,"that's miiiiine! right there! yay!". Thankies-sai! =^_^=

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