February 17, 2010

Love Day!!!

I had a very very lovely Valentine's Day =^__^= The Friday before Valentine's Day, I baked with my boyfriend :] We baked strawberry banana heart shaped tiny cakes ^.^!!! I ate some of the ones I thought looked retarded xD! I have an oven now...but no mixer T~T chu! Anywho, while boyfriend frosted the cuppy cakes, I made my Valentine cards for my friends ^___^ I bought a Hello Kitty pack xD! It's hard to pass up a $1 good quality Hello Kitty thingy! haha. Besides, last year, I made my friends paopus...so now this year, something edible ^__^ Here are some piccys!

They're yummy-er than it looks ^_^; If you remember my old first cake charms, it's based on my boyfriend's mom's cake she makes a lot :]

Annnnd here's their Valentine's :D

After all the baking and frosting and card making, we packed up the cupcakes and drove all around the area to deliver to my friends ^_^ All my single close friends get a cake to themselves, while couples have to share =P lol.
The day of Valentine's Day, my boyfriend and I decided to join his aunt's little party that she wanted to try. She wanted to do a backyard romantic dinner theme ^__^ So off we were to L.A.!

Once we got to his aunt's house and through the gates and CC the Pomeranian (heehee, my puppy's aunt), this is what we had to stroll on to get to the main area:

I decided not to use flash for the camera because it kinda ruins the mood ^__^; but here's a snap shot with flash!

Kinda looks bleh, but it shows what they used :] The lights were pretty dim and full of candles and rose petals ^__^ Lookie the ceiling thingy:

pretty cool, huh? This was all in the backyard ^___^ Now the fooood!!!

The food was all home made and oh so delish!!! There was roasted chicken, roasted pork, scampi, bread, and this sweet and tangy salad (I didn't get salad). The food was so scrumptious and tender ^___^ Then the best part...DESSERT!!! oh yes oh yes oh yes! Here's pics of the table of desserts...in two shots!

So much! And here's a picture of my boyfriend's and my little dessert :]

I certainly love love loooove the tuxedo chocolate covered strawberries made by his mommy ^__^ So cute! And the tart is so delicate and yummy!

:] I'm glad she made this theme! It's so romantic and I love the bonding ^___^

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