February 26, 2012

So what has Chibi been doing for 2 years...

Oh my, I just looked at the last entry...since 2010! So basically during the 1st year I've been a seller on Etsy ^_^; SORRY!!! But now I'm back and ready to blog (sometimes when I can). I do recommend following the shop on Facebook and Tumblr as I update there the most since it's pretty accessible on my iPhone.

For the duration of the past years, I've been in school and on and off jobs ^_^ I'm currently a happy little Nurse Assistant and still going to school forever for my Bachelors in Nursing Science for my Registered Nursing. Haha...it's a tough crowd out there. Other than that, school is the same and I have work sometimes as a nurse aide.

I still update Etsy quite sometime, but I've also made an official web shop
I put a lot of items that I make there first before Etsy ^_^ It's not a fancy site or anything, but it helps people see what's in stock if they're ordering locally ^.^ I've been making tons of clay stuff, interesting commissions over the years! and some more decoden stuff. You could see those on Facebook or DeviantArt~

Annnnnd one more new thing that has happened to my life. I've became a part time LOLITA FASHIONISTA! And I dearly love it! It has made me more comfortably with my body to the point I wear anything be it in lolita or casual~ It has also allowed me to meet other wonderful lolitas at meet ups, even my role model who also owns a shop called Kawaii Goods. Mochi-chan(owner of KG) and I have been close friends ever since my first lolita meet up and encounter with her. Along with this phenomenon, I met LemonTree11 aka Oli! She sells lots of fluffy bows and I became an addict. She allowed me to expand my business at meet ups she hosted. It was great and I'm happy a lot of people liked my crafts =^_^=

Welpz, I've been away because of school, work, social life,got a smart phone and dunno if there's a fancy app for blogspot heehee. I will try my bestest to update this blog more often like events, new line of items, etc.

I will also conjure a video of all the creations I've made over the past several years ^_^;

Also, I call my followers Sweeteas whether you're a male or female, you'll always be my sweetest cup of tea~ I've also became a tea addict thanks to Spazzy my boyfriend haha.


p.s. The two awesome lolitas I mentioned earlier:

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