March 25, 2012


Imperfect Kawaii is now 3 years old! Wowwie!!! It feels less then that to me. I have loved this journey of owning a small underground business. I made so many different kinds of things and met so many sweetea of a customer and fans~ So in gratitude, I present a BDAY Celebraton of a giveaway ^_^
As you can see in this photo, the prizes include:
-Rilakkuma paper sized plastic file
-Korilakuma memo head pad
-Hello Kitty carnival themed keyboard stickers (glitters*)
-Chef Panda mechanical pencil
-CUSTOM CHARM of whatever your hearts' desire! And may be for mobile, earrings, keychain, ring, necklace, or as is. Max 1 inches tall or less.

I enjoy buying things that are useful, so I hope these items are useful and awarding. The catch is, I only made it available at two locations we are most active on and have quite a handful of followers. Perhaps one day we will hold it on Blogspot like the good ol' days. Please follow these links if you'd like to enter for a chance to win and follow the guidelines described ^_^ Good luck~



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