July 21, 2012

IK's first time in the Artist Alley!

Sorry for the uber delay on an update of how Anime Expo went for us! As we have announced, it was IK's first time to be premiered ever at a convention and artist alley! I've always been just taking some of my crafts to lolita meets that LemonTree11 hosts. Thanks to our lovely sponsor MugiBunny.com/FairytaleBoutique, we were given the chance to showcase what Imperfect Kawaii has to offer!

 Photo (Day 3 and our table ^.^) above is my sweet big lolita sister and shop, Mochi-chan of KawaiiGoods.com~ It was her 2nd time at AX and being in the AA. She was guiding me throughout the whole entire way from Day 0. We were lucky to have gotten our badges so quickly before the check in time, and we were able to squeeze Spazzy in as our last minute helper. As you can see in the photo, we have a single named shop, "Cosmic Kawaii Sisters". We thought it would be easier for AX staff to comprehend even though we were two different shops. I love how our crafts are made differently but we aimed to spread cuteness.
Photo above was of Day 2 of AX ^_^ We matched the first and second day of the convention. First day was Jewelry Jelly, and second day was Milky Berry. We were very busy throughout all the days so my photos are lacking @_@ I love how Mochi always wants to add some kind of dark to her coordinates while I stay with the soft white or pinks underneath my jumperskirts haha. It was incredible being guided by her and the team work we had was awesome! I hadn't had a breakdown since she was so easy to work with ^.^! We closed up early on the second day because we were going to party with Misako Aoki ^____^!!! Saw many familiar faces and new ones. 
Photo above is from Day 3 ^.^ Mochi would once in a while guard the fort and arrange our items again when the flow isn't crowded.   

 Thanks to Spazzy being our helper (though he was lucky to be able to get into the convention early and roam around all day), it gave us a chance to explore the convention for a little while. I was able to go to a signing Misako Aoki was doing at the Angelic Pretty booth! She is just so lovely and dreamy to be next to~

Asides the awesome sales made, we also had very sweet and fun neighbors at the AA ^.^ I got this cute Jake key lanyard from the artist on our right ^__^!

So in conclusion, I had a very bright outlook in this experience! I made enough to pay off my hefty supplies (cause I thought I didn't make enough for 4 days!), ticket, tea time ticket, food, and table! And the other half was profit! I have learned a lot from Mochi and customers. What really got me the most were the compliments and encouragement I got. That's what I've really needed. I have received so much that it made me feel better about my work. I usually think my artwork is craptacular. Will I bring IK to a convention again? Perhaps ^_^ It was really fun! One of my temp. workers suggested doing it bi-yearly since I have to focus on my health occupation moreso. Till then, I cannot wait to go to more conventions and someday be part of an artist alley again~

Till next time sweeteas!


P.S. sorry for the major delay T_T I hope people follow more on this blog...I think I will blog more if people are reading this. And I've finally taken the time to make a stamp for my photos so I don't have to keep typing the barcode thing :P

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