August 22, 2012

Ace of Cupcakes!

(pic above: a view of Charm City Cakes, Melrose, CA)
Being an Elite Yelper definitely has it's perks! For those who don't know yet, "Yelp" is a popular website dedicated to everyday people to freely post reviews of restaurants, stores, and other places for others to read up. So being an Elite (had reviewed several places and was chosen to become part of this exclusive team), I was invited to attend a wonderful event hosted by Katie B., one of the Yelp Ambassador, to a private cupcake decorating session with her and a few other Yelpers. I'm very happy that one of my high school friends who is an Elite Yelper was invited too! We were provided cupcakes, coffee, and...DUFF GOLDMAN!

(pic at left is the cash register; pic at right is seating/deco area)
Place is all the way in Melrose, West Hollywood to be exact. It was quite a drive for me and TriPpy (friend from high school and a fellow Yelper reviewer!). The cute cupcakery is called Duff's Cake Mix! I'll provide a review for the place later on ^_^ So we were seated at a decorating station~ Was given aprons and some lessons on how to work with fondant~ It was a bit difficult for me because the gloves were too loose @_@ I should of went up and asked for a children sized gloves. Nonetheless, I had a good time trying to decorate the cupcakes. Everyones' cupcakes looked reaaaaally good! I was like blah on mine.

So I was attempting to make grass frosting until...DUFF GOLDMAN CAME OUT OF NOWHERE BEHIND ME! I seriously thought it was a worker there who was putting his insights on the frosting. I looked up and went O___O It was quite a surprise! Lol, TriPpy noticed him first and caught him on her camera. He was extremely nice and very chilled. He walked around all over the shop, checking everyones' work and chatting it up. It was A M A Z I N G! 
 (pic on left is from TriPpy's camera. Duff G. showing me his technique of grass pointing upwards).

You can see from the photo above his pointed upward grass and my silly weird grass xD Now let's take a look at my tablemates' cupcakes!

We met a fellow Yelper. She was really cool ^_^ She made a USC Trojan logo and Snoopy! So cute!

TriPpy's cuppycakes! A really happy one, and...PERRY THE PLATYPUS!!! How cool is that?! 

And this is mine T~T;;; I made a bunny in a meadow with meh flowers but with a "Yelp" heart. Next to that is a mouse :3

Yayayayay! Got a photo with Duff ^_^ He noticed from my cupcake, my accessories, my dress, and my camera, that I'm into Hello Kitty and all things cute =^.^= He showed me on his phone a picture of him hiding behind a really big Hello Kitty statue, heehee. He's so fun! And I got his autograph on my Yelp sticker badge :D

So it was time to pack up our cupcakes and head on home T^T Before that, we decided to hit up Charm City Cakes next door to see Duff again and check out the cakes! It's so cool! It's better in person than on TV! I'm extremely excited to have a dream wedding cake *____* and the fact I don't have to order a cake some states over is awesome~

(Photo on left: me and Duff!;Bottom two pic are boxed cupcakes and my name badge on the box)

(pic above: inside of Charm City Cakes)

And TriPpy made sure I got my Yelp swag heehee. I had a wonderful time! The cupcake itself was moist, not too sweet, and overall delicious!

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Thankies for reading sweeteas!


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