October 29, 2012

Lolita survey~ fun fun!

 I feel like doing a little survey~ Something a little personal from the whole crafting and food adventures I do ^.^ Got this cute Lolita fashion survey from this blogger: http://dippedinchoco.blogspot.co.at . Let's start!

http://sl.glitter-graphics.net/pub/811/811691l06bmqdmvx.jpg1. Nickname and date of birth.
Chibi, born 1/8.

2.Where were you born? And where do you live now?

Cali, and still in Sunny Cali!

3. Why did you start wearing Lolita?
I liked it from afar and from Japanese magazines throughout high school, but didn't think the clothes were accessible in America. Years later I started reading this blogger happimilk.net and see she was a starting Lolita and where she got her outfits. I was like OH EM
GEE!!! So I started off small with my sister and ordered from Bodyline and fell more in love with the fashion ^_^

4. Which Lolita style do you like the most?
Oh so hard to pick, because I really like them all! My most favorite at this moment is a tie between Gothic and Hime/Princess.

5. Which Lolita style would you not like to wear?
Probably Shiro/All white...cause I'm pretty clumsy when eating ^_^;;;

6. Describe your dream Lolita outfit.

Dinosaur print. In pastel happy go lucky dinos, and one in black with their skeletons or the t-rex rawring with thunder lightning very very frightening. Would pay $350 for a new one hands down!

7. Do you have piercings or tattoos?
No piercings, clinic policies :[ and temp tattoos I sometimes have ^.^

8. What´s your favorite Lolita brand?

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright<3 br="br">
9. What´s your favorite piece in your Lolita closet?

Oh my! I love them all!!! But my favvey fave at this moment in time and the fact it's on my wall right now would be my lavender Jewelry Jelly. Which is also the first AP print dress I've seen (in magazines lol Katy Perry) prior to owning one :'D

10. How many Lolita friends do you have?
LOL, I have a lot of acquaintances now, but I have a handful that are total sweethearts and fun to be with ^.^

11. What do you like most about Lolita?
It's out of the usual shirt and jeans routine I do. I love the little details on the dresses such as lace, bows, fabrics! I could just snuggle my pink BTSSB Cat's Boutique dress to sleep cause of it's fabric. Some would think it's just a dress, but when you pay attention to details (besides the print if it's a print dress), there's just so much going on with that alone! And I also like that I don't have to worry about my wide hips, heehee. Oh, the modesty too xD

12. What do you dislike about Lolita?

Hmmm...I'm not too sure. I could say the price, but it does take a lot of work to make stuff. I guess nothing except how sad it is that the fashion gets stereotyped that we attract pedos or some sexual fetish. It's like a crime to be able to wear what you wanna put on your bod :/

13.Which Lolita magazine do you read regularly?

Lol none T___T; and that magazine I saw that had lolitas, it was a j-mag with everything.

14. Headdress, bonnet or head eating bow.
I like them all! But for me to wear, head eating bow.

15. Do you wear bloomers?
...no... *hangs head down in shame* -/////-

16. What´s your favorite music?

I like a lot! My most fave kind of music is synth-rock and synth-pop. I like the digitalness I suppose heehee ^.^! For bands my favorite is Muse and The Birthday Massacre~

17. What´s your ringtone?
Oppa Gangnam Style  OTL
18. Do you work/ go to school/ study?


19. Do you attend meet- ups?
Sometimes. Depends on where, how much, how far, what we doin', and who's going. Cause I'm shy ^///^

20. Which colors do you like most in Lolita?
black, light pink, red, mint, sax, lav, teal, and wine.

That was fun ^_^ I used to do so many surveys back on MySpace.

That's all for today sweeteas! Till next blog time~


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